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UK – EU Transition, and UK Civil Aviation Regulations

To access current UK civil aviation regulations, including AMC and GM, CAA regulatory documents, please use this link to UK Regulation. Please note, if you use information and guidance under the Headings below, the references to EU regulations or EU websites in our guidance will not be an accurate information or description of your obligations under UK law. These pages are undergoing reviews and updates.

The following is a list of FDDs that have been accredited under the joint CAA/MAA FDD accreditation scheme. The list is not exhaustive and contains only the names of those whose consent has been received by the CAA for the purpose.

The list will be update once a year following annual FDD accreditation.

Ground Based Flying Display Director List – 2021

Last updated: 14/07/2021

Name FDD Accreditation Tier Contact Details
BACON George 2-Civ/MAA + Mentor haafops@gmail.com
BARSBY Robert 1-Civ rob@shinx.co.uk
BARTON Bob 1-Civ bob.barton@shuttleworth.org
BEATTIE John 2-Civ/MAA john@panxworth.com
BEAVER Paul 1-Civ/MAA pbeaver@dircon.co.uk
BRINDLE Geoffrey 3-Civ/MAA + Mentor gcfbrindle@btinternet.com
CARVER Stephen 2-Civ/MAA stevecarver260@gmail.com
DIXON Andrew 1-Civ AndrewGdixon@aol.com
DUNLOP Deborah 2-Civ/MAA debs@planecrazy.org.uk
GALLACHER Ian 1-Civ irgallacher@hotmail.com
GARSIDE-BEATTIE Les 3-Civ/MAA les@orbitperformance.com
GRIFFITHS David 1-Civ dgriffs@btinternet.com
HAWTHORN Lawrence 1-Civ hawthornlawrence@gmail.com
HOBSON Adey 2-Mil adey@compage.com
KIRBY David 2-Civ/MAA + Mentor kirbyaviation@hotmail.com
KARIVALO Perttu 3-Civ/MAA perttu.karivalo@nightsky.fi
LAZAROU Sophia 2-Civ/MAA asophialazarou@gmail.com
LOCKWOOD Alan 3-Civ/MAA + Mentor alan.lockwood2@gmail.com
MAYCOCK Tony 1-Civ/MAA tony.maycock@rafcte.com
METCALFE Roger 1-Civ/MAA rogermetcalfe@ymail.com
NEAL Barry 3-Civ/MAA barryneal@avsafe.co.uk
PEACOCK-EDWARDS Richard 3-Civ/MAA peacockedwards@hotmail.com
PILLANS Richard 1-Civ rich@pillans.com
ROUTSIS Tim 3-Civ/MAA + Mentor tim.routsis@shuttleworth.org
SKIERA Charles 3-Civ/MAA charles@r5airdisplays.co.uk
STANWAY Michael 3-Civ/MAA + Mentor air_displays@icloud.com
STEELE Roger 3-Civ/MAA + Mentor roger@r5airdisplays.co.uk
SUNTER Charles 1-Civ charles@twismo.co.uk
TROTTER Mark 1-Civ/MAA mark@unifiedinternational.net
TURNER John 3-Civ/MAA + Mentor john.turner@jt-ac.com
WAINWRIGHT Barney 3-Civ/MAA bgwainwright@usa.net
WALTON David 3-Civ/MAA + Mentor david@tsaconsulting.co.uk
WEBSTER Norman 3-Civ/MAA wingari4@gmail.com
WESTGATE Guy 1-Civ guywestgate@yahoo.co.uk
WILKINS Matthew 1-Civ matt.wilkins@oldbuck.com
WILLSON Nigel 2-Civ nigel@easyppl.com
WOOD Michael 3-Civ/MAA + Mentor mike.wood.r5@gmail.com

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