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Responses to Consultations on Notices of Proposed Amendments and Comment Response Documents

CAA responses to the most recent EASA consultations are shown below, responses to older consultations can be accessed here

EASA Notices of Proposed Amendment

CAA Response 

EASA NPA 2013-01  Embodiment of Safety Management System (SMS) requirements into Commission Regulation (EC) No 2042/2003:

A - Explanatory note and regulatory impact assessment/draft cover regulation
B - Part M
C - Part 145


No CAA comments on A
CAA response on B
CAA response on C

EASA NPA 2013-02  Protection from Debris Impacts   No CAA comments
EASA NPA 2013-03  Appendix 1 - Aircraft type ratings for Part 66 aircraft maintenance licenceNo CAA comments
EASA NPA 2013-04  Rotorcraft AMC RevisionNo CAA comments
EASA NPA 2013-05  Regular update of CS-LSANo CAA comments
EASA NPA 2013-06  Approval requirements for Air-Ground Data Link and ADS-B in support of interoperability requirements and Miscellaneous improvement to AMC 20No CAA comments
EASA NPA 2013-07  Ageing Aircraft Structures   CAA response on NPA 2013-07

EASA NPA 2013-08  Requirements for ATM/ANS providers and the safety oversight thereof:

A - Explanatory Note
B - Implementing Rule
C - AMC and GM
D - Regulatory Impact Assessment
E - Appendix VII to the Explanatory Note


CAA response on A
CAA response on B
CAA response on C
CAA response on D
No CAA comments on E

EASA NPA 2013-09  Reduction of Runway Excursions  CAA response on NPA 2013-09
EASA NPA 2013-10  Helicopter Offshore OperationsCAA response on NPA 2013-10
EASA NPA 2013-11  Regular Update of CS-25No CAA comments
EASA NPA 2013-12  Amendment to Decision 2003/19/RM (AMC to Part-145) to adapt it to the process of granting Part-145 approvals to maintenance organisations located outside the territories of the Member StatesCAA response on NPA 2013-12
EASA NPA 2013-13  SACA and SAFACAA response on NPA 2013-13
EASA NPA 2013-14  Safety Key Performance Indicators (SKPIs) (ATM Performance IR)CAA response on NPA 2013-14
EASA NPA 2013-15  Update of Part-MED (Annex IV to Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1178/2011) and Update of AMC and GM to Part-MED (EC Decision 2011/015/R)CAA response on NPA 2013-15
EASA A-NPA 2013-16  Lead Flight Test Engineer LicenceCAA response on A-NPA 2013-16
EASA NPA 2013-17  CS and GM for development of the definition of scope of the aircraft validation source data to support the objective qualification of simulator(s) associated to the pilot type rating training (simulator data) - CS-SIMDNo CAA comments
EASA NPA 2013-18  Rotorcraft AMC Revision (Group 2)  No CAA comments
EASA NPA 2013-19  Embodiment of SMS requirements into Commission Regulation (EC) No. 2042/2003 - Part 66 and Part 147CAA response on NPA 2013-19
EASA NPA 2013-20  Seat Crashworthiness Improvement on Large Aeroplanes - Dynamic Testing 16gNo CAA comments
EASA NPA 2013-21  Yawing Conditions (Rotorcraft)  CAA response on NPA 2013-21
EASA NPA 2013-22  Helicopter Vibration Health Monitoring   CAA response on NPA 2013-22
EASA NPA 2013-23  Additional airworthiness specifications for operations:  Fire hazard in Class D cargo compartmentsNo CAA comments
EASA NPA 2013-24  Requirements for apron management services at aerodromes   CAA response on NPA 2013-24
EASA NPA 2013-25  Revision of operational approval criteria for performance-based navigation (PBN)   CAA response on NPA 2013-25
NPA 2013-26  Amendment of requirements for flight recorders and underwater locating devicesCAA response on NPA 2013-26
NPA 2014-01  Carriage of Special Categories of Passengers (SCPs)   CAA response on NPA 2014-01
NPA 2014-02  Specific risk and standardised criteria for conducting aeroplane-level safety assessments of critical systemsCAA response on NPA 2014-02
NPA 2014-03  Engine Vibration SurveysNo CAA comments
NPA 2014-04  Technical Records   CAA response on NPA 2014-04
NPA 2014-05  Amendment to Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 923/2012 laying down the common rules of the air and operational provisions regarding services and procedures in air navigation (SERA Part C)CAA response on NPA 2014-05
NPA 2014-06  Regular update of CS-25No CAA comments
NPA 2014-07  Technical requirements and operational procedures for the provision of meteorological servicesNo CAA comments
NPA 2014-08  Safety Key Performance Indicators (SKPIs) (ATM Performance IR)CAA response on NPA 2014-08
NPA 2014-09  Transposition of Amendment 43 to Annex 2 to the Chicago Convention on remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) into common rules of the airCAA response on NPA 2014-09
NPA 2014-10  Appendix I - Aircraft type ratings for Part-66 aircraft maintenance licenceNo CAA comments
NPA 2014-11  Functions and Responsibilities of B1 and B2 support staff - Link with Sign-OffCAA response on NPA 2014-11
A-NPA 2014-12  European Commission policy initiative on aviation safety and a possible revision of Regulation (EC) No. 216/2008CAA response on ANPA 2014-12
NPA 2014-13  Assessment of Changes to Functional Systems by Service Providers in ATM/AMS and the oversight of these changes by competent authoritiesCAA response on NPA 2014-13
NPA 2014-14  Portable Electronic Devices II   CAA response on NPA 2014-14
NPA 2014-15  Implementation of CAEP/9 amendments; Update of CS-34 and CS-36No CAA comments
NPA 2014-16  High-Intensity Radiated Fields (HIRF) and LightningCAA response on NPA 2014-16
NPA 2014-17  Crew Resource Management (CRM) TrainingCAA response on NPA 2014-17
NPA 2014-18   Commercial air transport aeroplane operations at night or in IMC using single-engined turbine aeroplaneCAA response on NPA 2014-18
NPA 2014-19  Helicopter High-Velocity (H-V) LimitationsCAA response on NPA 2014-19
NPA 2014-20  Technical requriements and operational prcedures for the provision of data for airspace users for the purpose of Air NavigationCAA response on NPA 2014-20
NPA 2014-21  Update of CS ADR-DSN.D.260  Taxiway minimum separation distanceCAA response on NPA 2014-21
NPA 2014-22  New Training Methods or New Teaching Technologies (Part-66/Part-147)No CAA comments
NPA 2014-23  Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA)   No CAA comments
NPA 2014-24  Certification Specification for Standard Changes and Repairs   CAA response on NPA 2014-24
NPA 2014-25  Requirements for Relief Pilots   CAA response on NPA 2014-25   
NPA 2014-26  Halon - Update of Part-26 to comply with ICAO StandardsNo CAA comments
NPA 2014-27  Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations' (CAMOs) and Part-145 Organisations' responsibilitiesCAA response on NPA 2014-27
NPA 2014-28  AMC/GM for non-complex Approved Training Organisations (ATOs)CAA response on NPA 2014-28

NPA 2014-29  Amendments to Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1178/2011 (the Aircrew Regulation):

A -   Cover Regulation, Annex I, II and III and AMC & GM to Annex I (Part-FCL)
B -   Amendments to AMC and GM to Annex I (Part-FCL)
C1 - Flight Examiner Manual: Module 1 and 2, (Chapers 3, 4, 5 and 6)
C2 - Flight Examiner Manual: Module 3, Test standards: Helicopters
C3 - Flight Examiner Manual: Module 8, Chapter 1 and Module 9, Chapter 1
D1 - Flight Examiner Manual: Learning Objectives (LOs) (1st Part)
D2 - Flight Examiner Manual: Learning Objectives (LOs) (2nd Part)



CAA response on A
CAA response on B
CAA response on C1
CAA response on C2
No CAA comments on C3
No CAA comments on D1
No CAA comments on D2

NPA 2015-01  Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Implementation in the European Air Traffic Management Network (EATMN)CAA response on NPA 2015-01
NPA 2015-02  Systematic Review and Transpostion of Existing FAA TSO Standards for Parts and Appliances into EASA ETSOsNo CAA comments
NPA 2015-03  Embodiment of Level of Involvement (LOI) Requirements into Part-21No CAA comments
NPA 2015-04  Technical and Operational Requirements for Remote Tower OperationsCAA response on NPA 2015-04
NPA 2015-05  Non-Commercial Operations of Aircraft Listed in the Operations Specificiations (OPS Specs) of an AOC HolderNo CAA comments
NPA 2015-06  Reorganisation of Part 23 and CS-23No CAA comments


EASA Comment Response Documents

CAA Response 

CRD to NPA 2014-01  Carriage of Special Categories of PassengersCAA comments
CRD to NPA 2013-15  Update of Part-MED (Annex IV to Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1178/2011) and Upate of AMC and GM to Part-MED (EC Decision 2011/015/R)CAA comments
CRD to NPA 2013-10  Helicopter Offshore ReviewCAA comments
CRD to NPA 2013-09  Reduction of Runway ExcursionsNo CAA comments

CRD to NPA 2013-08  Requirements for ATM/ANS providers and the safety oversight thereof

Annex C - AMC and GM
Annex D - RIA


CAA response on Annex C
CAA response on Annex D

CRD to NPA 2012-18  Licensing and medical certification of air traffic controllersNo CAA comments
CRD to NPA 2012-13  Additional Airworthiness Requirements for OperationsNo CAA comments
CRD to NPA 2012-12  Transfer of JAA Cabin Safety TasksCAA comments
CRD to NPA 2012-11  Recognition of ED-12C/DO-178C in EASA AMC 20-115 (Software Considerations for Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification)No CAA comments
CRD to NPA 2012-10  Transposition of Amendment 43 to Annex 2 to the Chicago Convention on remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPASs) into common rules of the airCAA comments
CRD to NPA 2012-09  CS Generic MMEL for other-than-complex motor-powered aeroplanesNo CAA comments
CRD to NPA 2012-08  Maintenance Check FlightsCAA comments
CRD to NPA 2012-07 GM for the development of a safety risk assessment for flight operations with known or forecast volcanic cloud contaminationNo CAA comments
(info only - comments not invited)
CRD to NPA 2012-06  Sterile Flight Deck ProceduresNo CAA comments
CRD to NPA 2012-02  Airworthiness and Operational Criteria for Electronic Flight BagsNo CAA comments

The EASA Notices of Proposed Amendment and Comment Response Documents can be found on EASA's Rulemaking webpage at:  http://www.easa.eu.int/ws_prod/r/r_main.php


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