NATS Licence

NATS Licence


Under the Transport Act 2000 the Government issued a licence to NATS (En Route) plc (NERL) to provide en route air traffic services in the UK. The Act gives the CAA the role of economic regulator of NERL. The CAA exercises this role mainly through monitoring and enforcing the conditions in the Licence and through modifications to the Licence. The Licence is available below, as is a descriptive summary of the price control conditions in the Licence:

Licence modification decisions - January 2015

Proposals to modify licence conditions

Other recent consultations

We consulted on Economic Licensing Enforcement Guidance covering our approach to enforcing the NATS Licence and airport economic licences under the Civil Aviation Act 2012. The guidance outlines the legal framework in which our work fits and informs stakeholders of the enforcement powers we have and how we will use them. The closing date for the consultation was 8 January 2015. We are currently considering responses to the consultation and will be publishing the guidance in the first half of this year.

We also consulted on prioritisation principles that explain our approach in deciding which pieces of work to take forward in the areas of consumer protection, competition law and economic regulation. We are currently considering responses to the consultation and will be publishing the principles in the first half of this year

Link to work on contestability of Terminal Air Navigation Services (TANS)

Air traffic control disruption 7 December

Oceanic price control

Economic regulation for Reference Period 2 under the Single European Sky (2015-2019)

Final UK-Ireland FAB Performance Plan submitted to European Commission

Post-consultation Performance Plan (NSA initial submission to State)

Responses to consultation

Transcript and presentation from Stakeholder Consultation meeting

Draft performance plan published for consultation

 Consultancy reports

London Approach

UK Terminal Air Navigation Services (TANS)


Links to older price control reviews

Review of NATS Related Risks

Modification of Licence conditions

Monitoring and Enforcement of the NATS En Route plc (NERL) Licence 

Competition powers

Information on the CAA's concurrent powers with the Office of Fair Trading under the Competition Act 1998 and part 4 (market investigations) of the Enterprise Act 2002 is available on the Competition powers page.

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