Regulatory Enforcement

Information on the CAA's Regulatory Enforcement policy and the actions it has taken.

Our Regulatory Enforcement Policy applies to all of the CAA’s regulatory activities. 

It has been produced to provide the aviation regulated community, its passengers and consumers, and the wider public with a clearer view of the CAA’s role in seeking to resolve a breach, or a suspected or potential breach, of civil aviation rules. The Policy has been developed to protect aviation consumers, passengers and the public and is designed to encourage compliance with the rules and act as a deterrent.

The Policy is being introduced in a phased approach with a series of sector specific guidance notes published to accompany the Policy. The Policy will only be applied once the accompanying guidance is available.

This area of the CAA website will also include details of the high level enforcement action that it has taken. The Policy provides more information on the actions that will be published.

More information

We have published updated guidance on consumer enforcement along with guidance on the enforcement of economic licences and the application of our competition powers along with updated prioritisation principles covering these areas of our work.


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