Flight Data Monitoring

Information on the CAA's Flight Data Monitoring work

The Flight Data Monitoring Website is a facility, hosted by the UK CAA, to disseminate useful information concerning FDM issues.  This information is freely available to all members of the public.  However, there is also a facility for UK based Operators only, that currently use FDM systems, to exchange information and lessons learnt via a secure part of the Website ('The Forum').  This is password protected and requires the user to pre-register.

The Website provides users with a diary of events, list of frequently asked questions, on-line contacts list and links to other FDM related sites.

"Flight Data Monitoring is a systematic method of accessing, analysing and acting upon information obtained from digital flight data records of routine flight operations to improve safety."

Enquiries to: David Wright, Senior FDR Analyst, UK CAA-SRG, Tel: +44 (0)1293 573348, E-mail: david.wright@caa.co.uk

FDM for Business Jet Operators Conference

View the agenda and presentations from the conference for business jet operators held on 14 November 2012.