List of Engineer Licensing Publications

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Publication Categories and Series
Reference Title
ANs Airworthiness Notices
Forms Engineer Licensing Forms
Forms Personnel Licensing Examination Application Forms
TrainingCom PLD Training Communications (Training Coms)

Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
2008/17 Info Alert Airworthiness Communications (AIRCOM) Current 24 October 2008
AIRCOM 2008/03 Continuing Airworthiness Responsibilities under Part M for Owners of Non-Large Aircraft Not Used for Commercial Air Transport Current 19 December 2008
AIRCOM 2009/04 CAA Olympic and Paralympic Steering Group (COPSG) Current 14 May 2009
AIRCOM 2009/06 European Requirements to Share Mandatory Occurrence Reporting (MOR) Data Current 27 July 2009
AIRCOM 2009/07 Implementation of Part M Current 7 August 2009
AIRCOM 2009/19 CAA Monthly Mandatory Occurrence Report (MOR) Listing Current 22 December 2009
AIRCOM 2010/12 The Management and Recording of Aircraft Defects Current 23 December 2010
AIRCOM 2010/13 Restructure of the CAA Airworthiness Organisation Current 1 November 2010
CAP 1048 Guidance for applicant: Conduct of reviews of decisions or proposals made by the CAA Safety Regulation Group Current July 2013
CAP 1049 Guidance for applicant: Review of conduct of test or exam Current July 2013
CAP 1074 Safety and Airspace Regulation Enforcement Guidance
Review Comment: Draft Safety and Airspace Regulation Enforcement Guidance
Current August 2013
CAP 382 Mandatory Occurrence Reporting Scheme Current March 2011
CAP 391 Engine Log Book (Piston engines installed in aircraft with an MTWA exceeding 2730 kg and turbine engines in all aircraft) Current April 2008
CAP 393 Air Navigation: The Order and the Regulations Current 19 February 2014
CAP 468 BCAR Section L - Licensing Current 28 February 2003
CAP 553 BCAR Section A - Airworthiness Procedures where the CAA has Primary Responsibility for Type Approval of the Product Current 29 November 2013
CAP 562 Civil Aircraft Airworthiness Information and Procedures (CAAIP) Current 29 November 2013
CAP 715 An Introduction to Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Human Factors for JAR 66 Current 22 January 2002
CAP 716 Aviation Maintenance Human Factors (EASA Part-145) Current 18 December 2003
CAP 718 Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance and Inspection Current 24 January 2002
CAP 719 Fundamental Human Factors Concepts Current 15 February 2002
CAP 741 Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Log Book Current December 2008
CAP 753 Helicopter Vibration Health Monitoring Current August 2012
CAP 766 Light Aircraft Maintenance Programme (LAMP) - Aeroplanes Current October 2008
CAP 767 Light Aircraft Maintenance Programme (LAMP) - Helicopters Current October 2008
Dangerous Goods Poster Are your Spares Dangerous? Current November 2007
ELGD 2007 The Engineer's Licensing Guidance Document Current 6 June 2007
IN-2011/023 Policy Change For Orphan Aircraft Current 18 April 2011
IN-2011/051 Runway Incursion Prevention Current 17 June 2011
IN-2011/057 Guidance for Owners and Potential Owners of Light Sport Aircraft Current 24 June 2011
IN-2011/064 Inconclusive Airworthiness Reviews Current 4 July 2011
IN-2011/086 Revised CAA process for the application for and approval of Non-Design related Flight Conditions relating to EASA Permits to Fly Current 11 August 2011
IN-2011/088 Review of Safety Information by Owners of non-EASA aircraft (commonly referred to as Annex 2) Current 17 August 2011
IN-2011/090 Publication of the CAA Safety Plan 2011 to 2013 Current 26 August 2011
IN-2011/115 CAA Agreed EASA Terminology Current 21 October 2011
IN-2011/136 Advanced Information for the Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD) Operating Industry: FSTD Qualifications after 8 April 2012 Current 2 December 2011
IN-2012/015 CAP 661 Mandatory Permit Directives Current 31 January 2012
IN-2012/051 Notification of Changes in Type Support Provided by de Havilland Support Ltd Current 16 March 2012
IN-2012/077 CAA Regional Office Review; Stansted Office Closure Current 20 April 2012
IN-2012/096 EU/US and EU/Canada Bilateral Safety Agreement Certificate of Airworthiness for Export Applications Current 14 June 2012
IN-2012/118 CAP 553, British Civil Airworthiness Requirements, Transition Arrangements Following Implementation of BCAR Section A, Issue 7 Current 18 July 2012
IN-2012/141 Additional documentation requirements for Part-66 basic licence applications when experience is gained outside a Part-145 or Part-M approved maintenance organisation Current 10 September 2012
IN-2012/145 Introduction of Visual Flight Rules (VFR) at Night in the UK Current 17 September 2012
IN-2012/202 Continued Use of CAP 766 and CAP 767 Light Aircraft Maintenance Programme (LAMP) Current 20 December 2012
IN-2012/206 Important Information regarding licence applications Current 17 January 2013
IN-2013/014 AIRCRAFT WASHING AND RINSING Current 4 February 2013
IN-2013/015 Change of Privilege for BCAR Chapter A8-15 (M3) and A8-20 (M5) Approved Organisations and Introduction of Online Services Current 25 January 2013
IN-2013/025 National Permit To Fly: Withdrawal of Revalidation Surveys carried out by the CAA outside the United Kingdom Current 14 February 2013
IN-2013/040 Air Navigation Order Exemptions Issued by Airworthiness Current 21 March 2013
IN-2013/065 Notice of Intent to withdraw the Cheque Payment Option and PDF form availability concerning Airworthiness Online Application Forms Current 1 May 2013
IN-2013/099 Requirements for Part-145 Maintenance Organisations to conduct practical training Current 15 July 2013
IN-2013/100 Requirement for certificates of recognition for theoretical knowledge and practical training for the issue of type ratings for Part-66 licences Current 15 July 2013
IN-2013/101 Validity period for Part-147 type training Certificates of Recognition Current 9 July 2013
IN-2013/102 Regulation 1149/2011 changes to Part-66 syllabus and examination requirements Current 15 July 2013
IN-2013/114 CAP 1036 - Global Fatal Accident Review 2002 to 2011 Current 22 July 2013
IN-2013/138 The Cessna Aircraft Company Supplemental Inspection Documents (SIDs) – 100/200 Series Aircraft Current 30 August 2013
IN-2013/155 Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of CHemicals (REACH) Current 1 October 2013
IN-2013/173 CAA EASA Information Bulletin Current 1 November 2013
IN-2013/187 CAA Statutory Charges 2014/15 Consultation Current 27 November 2013
IN-2013/189 New National Organisation Approval Supporting Recreational Aviation (A8-26) Current 29 November 2013
IN-2013/190 Organisation Transition Arrangements following the Publication of CAP 553 BCAR Section A at Issue 8 Current 29 November 2013
IN-2013/191 Guidance for Owners of Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) with an EASA Permit to Fly Current 29 November 2013
IN-2013/197 CAA EASA Information Bulletin Current 19 December 2013
IN-2013/205 Practical Training and On the Job Training for Part-66 type rating issue as required by Part-66 Appendix III Current 20 December 2013
IN-2014/041 CAA EASA Information Bulletin Current 20 February 2014
IN-2014/043 Approval of Maintenance Organisations under the EU-US Bilateral Safety Agreement Current 25 February 2014
IN-2014/052 Eligibility of Pilots to Conduct Check Flights Current 20 March 2014
IN-2014/055 Submission of Unit Documentation By Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) Current 27 March 2014
IN-2014/060 Changes to the CAA Theoretical Knowledge Examination Service for Applicants for Professional Pilots Licences (A&H), Instrument Ratings and Aircraft Maintenance Licences Current 31 March 2014
SN-2011/001 CAA Safety Notice - Requirement for Post-Flight Engine Checks on Schweizer 269C-1 Helicopters Current 23 February 2011
SN-2011/007 Mode S Transponder Operation Current 23 June 2011
SRG Safety Plan 2006 Safety Regulation Group Safety Plan 2006 Current 1 March 2006
SRG1002 Application for PART-66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence – Written Examination Current 26 October 2012
SRG1014 Application for Initial/Amendment/Renewal of Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence (AML) Current 6 August 2013
SRG1024 (EASA Form 19) Part- 66 Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Licence - One Step Conversion Current 19 June 2007
SRG1027 UK Application for the Grant of an FAA A&P Support Letter for a Ground Engineer UK Licence Holders Only Current 12 May 2010
SRG1028 Accreditation of a Technical Qualification Current January 2011
SRG2137 Application for Exemption Under Article 14 (4) of Regulation (EC) 216/2008 against the Parts 66 or 147 of The EASA Continuing Airworthiness Regulation; The EASAAircrew Regulation or the Air Traffic Controllers’ Regulation Current 14 September 2012