List of General Aviation Forms

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Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
DAP1918 Notification of Outdoor Laser, Searchlight, Firework, Helium-Filled Toy Balloon or Sky Lantern event. Current 2 February 2011
DAP1919 Captive Unmanned Gas Balloons - Application for Permission to Fly Current 15 February 2011
DAP1920 Request for Airspace Coordination and Notification for Civil or Military Events which include Military Aircraft participation Current 5 March 2015
FCS1500 Payment Authorisation for extraneous payments Current January 2014
MIPtemplate EASA AMC M.A.302(e) Aircraft Maintenance Programme Template Current 18 November 2015
SRG 1313 Application for Grant or Renewal of Parachuting Permission Current June 2007
SRG 1316 AOC Balloons - Annual Return of Operating Data Current March 2010
SRG 1317 Training Check Form (Balloons) Current April 2007
SRG1132A Instructor Form 1: Microlight Application Current 4 March 2011
SRG1132B Instructor Form 1: SLMG Application Current 4 March 2011
SRG1300 Application to upgrade a Display Pilot Authorisation Current 22 January 2015
SRG1302 Application to renew a Display Pilot Authorisation Current 14 October 2015
SRG1303 Flying Display Notification Form Current 23 June 2015
SRG1304 Special Events and Unusual Aerial Activity - Application Form Current 2 February 2015
SRG1306 CAP 632 Aircraft Type Rating Exemption Application Form Current 6 November 2009
SRG1307 Model Aircraft Exemptions - Application - Over 20 kg Current 6 January 2012
SRG1308 Model Aircraft Exemptions Application - Displays/Competitions Current 6 January 2012
SRG1318 Permission to Exceed 250 Knots IAS Below FL100 Current
SRG1319 Application for the Inclusion of an Aircraft Type in the Aircraft Rating of a Pilot's Licence (Balloons) Current 14 February 2008
SRG1320 Application for Operation of a Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) in UK Airspace Current 25 August 2015
SRG1321 Application for Operation of an Unmanned Aircraft (UA) over 20kg in UK Airpsace Current 22 September 2014
SRG1322 Application for National Qualified Entity Status (Small Unmanned Aircraft) Current 22 September 2014
SRG1601 Mandatory Occurrence Reporting Form Current 31 January 2013
SRG1718 Application for Same Day and Special Delivery Services Current
SRG1820B Application for the Re-issue of a Senior Examiner Certificate. Current 11 January 2013
SRG1832 Operations Manual - Notice of Proposed Amendment Current 13 October 2014
SRG2004 Birdstrike Occurrence Form Current May 2012
SRG2132 Examiner Report for SPL/LAPL(S) Skill Test Current 19 August 2014
SRG2188 Application to Change or Cancel Registration for Training for a Private Pilot Licence in Conjunction with Appendix 2 to JAR-FCL 1.125 and /or Appendix 2 to JAR-FCL 2.125 Current 31 January 2013