Accessing News and Updates

Guidance on how to receive the latest news, updates and publications

Press Releases

The CAA Newsroom contains the latest media releases from our Corporate Communications team and an archive of older stories.

You can receive alerts of new press releases via the Corporate Information RSS Feed.

RSS Feeds

The CAA website publishes rules, regulations, guidance, news and general information. The CAA uses RSS Feeds so that you can be alerted to changes and updates about specific subjects.

RSS feeds automatically deliver updated information to your PC via your internet browser or email system. Each feed corresponds to a particular function that the CAA has responsibility for and shows you the very latest information relating to these subjects.

If you do not want this information delivered to your PC you can access any of the RSS pages listed on the right of this screen to view all the updates in one place.

Please note that not all page updates will be included in the newsfeeds but all significant changes and updates will be.

How to use RSS Feeds