• Solent airspace collaboration to reduce infringements

    Infringements of controlled airspace are a serious risk to aviation safety. Air traffic control has to work around unpredictable and unplanned actions, which can cause passengers flights to be re-directed and increase the chance of hold-ups and delays.

    Every year the number of infringements continues to rise. In 2015 there were around 1,000 incidents. 125 were in the Southampton Control Zone and Solent Control Areas, the most in any area of controlled airspace in the UK. And while there are ‘hotspots’ along the northern edge and north west corner these infringements have been recorded in all parts of this area.

    What we are doing

    We are working with airports, air traffic control and GA flying organisations to help reduce the risks of infringements in the Southampton Control Zone and the Solent Control Areas.

    In August 2016, in partnership with NATS and the Future Airspace Strategy VFR Implementation Group (FASVIG), we invited pilots to join the Solent collaborative airspace trial to see if a simple change of practice could help reduce the serious safety risks caused by these infringements.