• EASA Sailplanes Air Operations Rules

    In light of the specific nature of operations with sailplanes, it was decided that there was a need for dedicated operational rules for the sector. These rules have been restructured and simplified, to ensure that they are proportionate using a risk-based approach.

    Taking into account the less complex nature and smaller scale of commercial operations with sailplanes as compared to other forms of commercial aviation and following a risk-based approach, commercial operations with sailplanes now only require a prior declaration to the competent authority.  To make a declaration please contact the British Gliding Association (BGA).

    From 9 July 2019 all pilots of EASA sailplanes for both commercial and non-commercial operations shall operate the sailplanes in accordance with the requirements set out in Annex II (Part-SAO) of (EU) 2018/1976.

    The EASA sailplanes easy access rule book can be found here.

    Please see the British Gliding Association webpage for further information.