• Where can I apply for new and additional licences, ratings and certificates?

    In any EASA member state, new licence and related applications should be submitted to the competent authority in the way it requests, with evidence to show that you comply with the requirements for the relevant licence, rating or certificate, as well as any associated ratings or endorsements described in Part FCL or Part Medical.

    Applications should be made to the competent authority in the member state that holds your medical records.

    In the UK, the UK CAA is the competent authority, and you can find information on the application process in the section apply for or update your licence or rating.

    Where do I go to make changes or additional applications?

    Any additional applications or any of the changes listed below should be submitted to the same competent authority who issued your licence initially:

    • An additional aircraft category licence
    • Issue of further ratings or certificates
    • Amendments, re-validation or renewal of existing licences

    The only exception to this is if a change and transfer of licence information and medical records to another competent authority has been requested by the pilot.

    You cannot hold more than one licence per category of aircraft issued under the EASA licence regulations.

  • Related Information

    All relevant European regulations such as Part- ARO, ORO, CAT, SPA, NCC, NCO, MED are available on the link shown below.

    For Flight Crew Regulations please refer to the consolidated version Commission Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011.

    For other regulations such as Part-ORO, Part-ORA, please check the Air Operations regulations.