• This privilege allows you to make aerobatic flights provided that you have a current and valid UK CAA issued Pilots Licence for aeroplanes, Touring Motor Gliders (TMG) or sailplanes.

    The UK CAA has deferred the requirement to hold this rating until 8 April 2018.

    Who can apply

    • Holders of a UK National or UK issued JAR-FCL pilot’s licences who exercised aerobatic privileges using these licences. Conversion of these privileges usually applies at the time of licence conversion.
    • If you wish to apply on the basis of exercising aerobatic privileges on a non UK licence, issued by another EASA member state you will have to meet the conversion requirements for that State.
    • The UK CAA will accept a letter from that competent authority confirming that if the pilot applied to them they would issue an aerobatic rating. This would not form part of the conversion of privileges exercised on a UK National/JAR-FCL licence.

    Please note: If you hold an existing UK issued Flight Crew licence which has not already been converted to a Part-FCL licence, then the conversion process will take place when you apply for the aerobatic rating.

    Please check our information on licence conversions for details of the application form and supporting information that we require.


    There are many different conversion routes available as detailed in the conversion requirement are detailed in CAP804, Section 4, part P and listed below.

    You must have received the theoretical knowledge specified in AMC No 1 to FCL.800, and comply with any one of the following, having completed:

    An AOPA/BAeA aerobatic course

    please send evidence of this such as a copy of the course completion certificate.

    Aerobatic training with the UK military forces (other than the British Army)

    please send course completion certificates or certified copies of the appropriate pages of the military logbook.

    This could be for either:

    • the UK RAF Elementary Flying Training course;
    • the UK RN Elementary Flying Training course;
    • a UK military Basic Fast Jet Flying Training course.

    If you hold or have held a UK Display Authorisation, which includes / included authorisation to perform aerobatics at a display, you must send a copy of the Display Authorisation.

    If you have flown aerobatic manoeuvres at a BAeA sanctioned event (including glider events) you must send evidence of this (other than log book records) such as proof of attendance and flying at the event by way of certificate etc.

    If you have FI or AFI ratings and have had the “no aerobatic restriction” removed following compliance with UK requirements to instruct aerobatics; No additional evidence is required.

    Glider pilots who have completed any of the BGA’s aerobatic courses must send a course completion certificate.

    To take advantage of our conversion requirement to add the aerobatic rating to your aeroplane licence, you must have been exercising privileges of your National / JAR licence before 8 April 2018.


    The fee will vary according to your circumstances. For example, whether you already hold a UK licence, and whether that licence has already been converted to an EASA-FCL licence, or if your application will be made at the same time as applying for something else.

    Validity period

    The aerobatic rating does not have a validity period.

    You will need to provide

    • Application form SRG 1104 if applying at the time of licence conversion. If applying at any other time SRG 2157
    • Certified copy of the applicants Certificate of Revalidation page from licence
    • Evidence showing the conversion requirements have been met as detailed above
    • In addition applicants applying on the basis of a conversion must provide any documentation as stated in the conversion requirements as detailed in CAP804, Section 4, part P
    • Please ensure that you have scanned copies of any supporting documents as the will need to be attached to your online application

    How to apply

    Once all of the requirements above have been met, the application should be submitted by post or in person to the address below.

    Contact us

    Shared Services Centre
    Aviation House
    Beehive Ring Road
    West Sussex
    RH6 0YR

    Email: fclweb@caa.co.uk