• When applying for any licence or rating on the basis of an ICAO-compliant licence (a 'third-country' licence), the licence details must be verified by the National Aviation Authority (NAA) that issued it.

    Applicants for the following services will be subject to the verification of their licence:

    • Conversion of ICAO licence to CAA issued licence
    • Declarations of a Flight Crew Licence Issued by an ICAO Contracting State for use in UK airspace in non-commercial activities
    • Transfer of any rating or instructor authorisations(s)/certificate(s)
    • Renewal or revalidation of any rating on the basis of currency on the Third Country licence
    • Credit towards additional ratings
    • Competency Based Instrument Rating when the application is on the basis of their Third Country instrument rating
    • Instrument Rating (Restricted) where applied for on the basis of a Third Country single pilot instrument rating
    • Validations certificates

    We will only be able to process applications received where the ICAO licence details have been verified. Please note that the Verification will only be accepted if it has been received directly from another NAA. We are unable to accept Verifications from a pilot. Where verification has not been received from the NAA, applications will be pended and applicants contacted to obtain verification using the method below.

    Applicants that attend the public counter at Aviation House for a same day licensing service without having had their ICAO licence details verified will only be able to drop off their applications. We are unable to verify a third country licence as a same day service.

    Application form

    As part of improvements of our licence functioning service we are reducing the use of paper forms. 
    Please note that from 6 July you will only be able to apply for this service online and the paper version of the SRG2142 will no longer be accepted. 

    To request verification of your third country ICAO licence, please complete form SRG 2142 and return it by post or email using the details below. 

    What to include with your form

    As well as your completed application form, you will need to send us the following documentation:

    • Proof of identity: certified copy of 1 of the following:
      • passport
      • EU photographic driving licence
      • EU identity card
    • Original or certified copy of your ICAO licence and medical certificate
    • Original or certified copy of your Certificate of Revalidation or logbook pages showing evidence of current rating(s) on your ICAO licence.

    The following people can act as 'certifiers':

    • Head of Training of an Approved Training Organisation.
    • Head of Flight Standards of an organisation holding an Air Operator Certificate.

    The process

    We will process your request within 10 working days of receipt of a complete application, and contact the National Aviation Authority (NAA) that issued your ICAO licence to request the release of your licensing details.

    The NAA must then contact the UK CAA directly by email on fclweb@caa.co.uk to provide verification that your ICAO licensing details are current and valid, and are not under any pending or current enforcement action. The verification remains valid for six months from the date of issue.

    Once we have received the verification from your NAA, you can apply for the desired licensing service on the appropriate application form(s).
    NB You should contact the NAA that issued your ICAO licence to inform them that you have made a request to the UK CAA for your details to be verified, as they may have additional requirements to be met in order to release your personal information.

    How to submit your application

    Please send your completed application form and supporting documentation to the following address:

    Licensing Support
    Shared Service Centre
    Aviation House
    Gatwick Airport South
    West Sussex RH6 0YR

    Email: fclweb@caa.co.uk - please include the application reference in the email subject field/title.

    Secure courier

    The CAA strongly recommends you use our secure courier service if you submit original documents that are to be returned to you.

    More information about our secure courier service

    Please note
    For security and to help prevent fraud, the CAA will only accept verification of your licence details directly from the National Aviation Authorities (NAA) that issued your third country ICAO licence.

    The verification will remain valid for six months from the date of receipt by the UK CAA.

    If any of your ICAO licence or medical privileges relevant to your licensing application with the UK CAA are amended or change prior to the completion of this service, you will be required to obtain a subsequent verification confirming these changes.

    In no circumstances can we accept an application where the ICAO licence or medical privileges have expired.

    We are unable to request another authority expedite the verification request, and the turnaround time is reliant upon their agreed service levels.