• Medical certificate

    Medical certificates are only valid for a certain period of time. Your pilot licence is not valid if you do not have a valid medical certificate.

    How to get a medical certificate

    If you don’t have a medical certificate, you can apply for one.

    If your medical certificate has expired, you can renew it. If it will expire in less than 45 days, you can revalidate it.

    Classes of medical certificate

    There are three classes of medical certificate. Class 1 has the most demanding standards, followed by Class 2. The LAPL medical certificate has the least demanding standards.

    Which class you need depends on the licence you are applying for:

    Licence Minimum class certificate needed
    LAPL LAPL medical certificate
    PPL Class 2
    PPL with instrument rating As for PPL but you will need to take the pure tone audiometry examination to the same requirements and frequency as for a Class 1 medical
    SPL (private flights) Class 2
    BPL (private flights) Class 2
    SPL (commercial flights) Class 2
    BPL (commercial flights) Class 2
    CPL Class 1
    MPL Class 1
    ATPL Class 1