• When you need an examiner report form

    When you take a skill test or a proficiency check in an aircraft your examiner will fill in this form to record how you did. It is the official document that records your performance in the test.

    How to get hold of a form

    The examiner will have their own CAA-issued form and will complete it themselves, but blank versions are available to download from our licence application pages.

    The CAA issues official forms for examiners to fill in. We can only accept examiner reports if they are completed on one of our official forms.

    What you need to do with the form

    There are several different examiner report forms as each one is designed for a specific kind of skill test. You may have to enter personal information or sign a declaration on the form, depending on what test or check you are taking.

    For any application requiring a skill test or proficiency check, you must send a certified copy of the examiner’s report form from your test or check. You may have to send us more than one form depending on what you are applying for.