• Extending your licence privileges

    The privileges of your licence determine what aircraft you are able to fly and what sort of operations you are able to undertake. In many cases, once you have your licence you can extend its privileges by completing extra training. This may, for instance, allow you to fly different types or classes of aircraft.

    Adding ratings to your licence

    You may also be able to ‘build on’ your licence privileges by training for additional ratings. Adding a Night rating, for instance, will allow you to fly at night in a suitably equipped and approved aircraft.

    To add a rating to your licence you will need to complete an approved training course and, in most cases, pass a skill test. Ratings expire after a certain period of time and you must keep them up to date if you want to continue to use the privileges they allow.

    Ratings restrictions

    Not every licence can have every rating added to it. For instance, you can’t add an Instrument rating (IR) to a LAPL or an NPPL.

    How to train

    Your flying school can offer advice on training, licence types and ratings.

    Find a flying school

    For more detailed information about ratings and the privileges of different licences, see the Introduction to licensing section.