• The following flying display roles require a behavioural and attitudinal fitness assessment prior to undertaking the relevant duties:

    • Flying Display Director (FDD)
    • Display Authorisation Evaluator (DAE)
    • Display pilot (Display Authorisation (DA))

    Behavioural and attitudinal assessment indicators 

    When making an assessment on the suitability of a candidate to hold a flying display role, the CAA looks for evidence relating to your:

    • attitude
    • integrity, credibility, honesty and openness
    • diligence
    • soundness of judgement
    • willingness to obey the law
    • likelihood of risk generating

    These qualities can be demonstrated by:

    • past compliance with regulatory obligations
    • any enforcement action made by regulatory authorities
    • a history of deliberate or reckless provision of false or misleading information made to a relevant authority in relation to any regulated or business activity
    • dishonest behaviour or other improper conduct
    • previous engagement with the CAA

    When to apply?

    An SRG1303B Application for fitness assessment for a flying display role should be completed and submitted:

    • annually prior to, or alongside, the first flying display application made each year by an FDD
    • when appointed to become a DAE
    • on initial application for a DA
    • for DA renewals and upgrades where there has been a change of details to those previously declared

    Once the SRG 1303B has been completed the 'submit' button may be used. Alternatively, the form can be attached to an email and sent to ga@caa.co.uk.

    What happens next?

    Completed forms will be assessed and unless additional information or clarification if required, or if the outcome of the assessment is negative, no response will be given.