• The following Flying Display roles require a behavioural and attitudinal fitness assessment, in line with the CAA Fitness of Character Policy Framework (https://www.caa.co.uk/fitness-of-character-policy-framework.aspx), before undertaking the relevant duties:

    • Flying Display Director (FDD)
    • Airborne Flying Display Director (AFDD)
    • Display Authorisation Evaluator (DAE)
    • Display pilot (Display Authorisation (DA))

    Behavioural and attitudinal assessment indicators 

    When making an assessment on the suitability of a candidate to hold a Flying Display role, the CAA looks for evidence relating to your:

    • attitude
    • integrity, credibility, honesty and openness
    • diligence
    • soundness of judgement
    • willingness to obey the law
    • likelihood of risk generating

    These qualities can be demonstrated by:

    • past compliance with regulatory obligations
    • any enforcement action made by regulatory authorities
    • a history of deliberate or reckless provision of false or misleading information made to a relevant authority in relation to any regulated or business activity
    • dishonest behaviour or other improper conduct
    • previous engagement with the CAA

    When to apply?

    An SRG1303B Application for fitness assessment for a flying display role should be completed and submitted:

    • annually before, or alongside, the first Flying Display application made each year by an FDD
    • when appointed and / or reappointed as a DAE
    • on initial application for a DA
    • for all DA revalidations, upgrades and renewals.

    Once the SRG 1303B has been completed, the form can be attached to an email and sent to ga@caa.co.uk.

    What happens next?

    Following assessment, an appropriate notification will be sent to the applicant either to request further information or to confirm a satisfactory outcome.