• To organise or participate in a flying display you must complete behaviour and attitudinal fitness assessment if you are to be a:

    • Flying display director (FDD)
    • Display authorisation evaluator (DAE)
    • Display pilot (from 1 April 2016)

    What do we look for?

    When we’re making an assessment on your fitness for one of these roles we look for evidence related to your:

    • attitude
    • integrity, credibility, honesty and openness
    • diligence
    • soundness of judgement
    • willingness to obey the law
    • likelihood of risk generating

    This can be seen in:

    • past compliance with regulatory obligations
    • being subject to enforcement action by regulatory authorities
    • a history of deliberate or reckless provision of false or misleading information, or misleading omissions made, to a relevant authority in relation to any regulated or business activity
    • dishonest behaviour or other improper conduct
    • previous engagement with CAA

    Who needs to apply and when?

    Complete an SRG1303B Application for fitness assessment for a flying display role:

    • Before the first display application containing your name each year if you are a FDD
    • When you apply or are nominated to be a DAE
    • Every time you apply for a display authorization, renewal or upgrade you need to fill in a new form

    Once you have completed a SRG 1303B you can use the 'submit' button or attach it to an email and send it to ga@caa.co.uk.

    What happens next?

    We will not respond to you once we have received your completed test unless we need to additional information or clarification to finalise the assessment.