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    Partially completed forms can be saved until you have gathered all the information you need to submit your application. You can do this by using the 'Save' button and entering a password. We recommend that you save your application frequently and at least at the end of every page.

    When submitting your form you have the option to enter your email address to receive confirmation of the application. You may see an error message displayed after this step, but you will still receive a confirmation receipt if you have requested one. The error is due to the system handling multiple applications at the same time and our IT team is working to fix this.

    After you have submitted the form, you will receive a confirmation of your application by email. The message will include your reference and completed form as a PDF attachment.

    What do I need to include with my application?

    • Risk assessment. You must complete a SRG1303RA Flying Display Risk Assessment Template and upload this with your online application.
    • Aircraft display items list. You may choose to provide us with the list of aircraft display items either using the online form or completing an aircraft display item schedule in Microsoft Word format. If you select the schedule, you must upload this with your online application.
    • 1:50 000 scale Ordnance Survey map. An up-to-date colour 1:50,000 scale Ordnance Survey map extract showing the area where the display or event will take place, the display axis or area, spectator enclosures and car park locations. You can scan a paper map or obtain an extract from the Ordnance Survey website. Most county council websites provide free access to 1:50,000 scale Ordnance Survey mapping. Your map extract must be uploaded with your online application.

    Flying displays and special events featuring only military aircraft

    If your flying display or special event includes only military aircraft, you must notify the CAA separately using DAP1920D: Request for Airspace Coordination and Notification - Air Displays.