• The Pre-Season Symposium is held in the spring and the Post-Season Symposium is held in the autumn. The aim of each symposium is to provide:

    • regulatory feedback
    • safety awareness
    • human factors training
    • identification of lessons learnt and to disseminate best practice to display pilots, event organisers and Flying Display Directors (FDDs).

    They also give the Flying Display community an opportunity to share feedback with regulators, in order to improve the Flying Display environment as a whole. 

    Display Season 2019 Mid-Season Update

    CAP1824 - Display Season 2019 Mid-Season Update

    DS18 Symposia

    We have published a number of presentations from our 2018 Flying Display Symposia. The presentations cover a range of subjects including: a CAA update (what we have achieved and what are our future aims), a Military Aviation Authority season brief and the importance of Human Factors.

  • DS19 Symposia

    DS19 Pre-season symposium

    The 2019 Pre-season symposium was held on 5 and 6 March 2019 at the Defence Academy, Shrivenham near Swindon. The presentations, which are published here, covered a range of subjects including: a CAA update (CAP403 and CAP1724 walk through), a Military Aviation Authority season brief, error management, fatigue management, Human Factors and Flying Display preparation.

    Flying Display Pre-Season Symposium 2019 - Presentation Slides

    CAA and MAA update presentation slides

    DS19 Post-season symposium

    The 2019 Post-season symposium will be held on 12 and 13 November 2019 at the Defence Academy, Shrivenham near Swindon.

    The objectives of the CAA / MAA-hosted symposium are to provide:

    • identification of lessons learnt;
    • regulatory feedback;
    • safety awareness;
    • human factors training; and
    • a forum for the discussion of best practice

    to all those involved in flying displays, both civilian and military.

    The symposium provides an opportunity for the Flying Display community to share feedback with both the civilian and military regulators, in addition to sharing ideas so as to continuously improve the Flying Display environment.

    The symposium will take place over two days, with day one offering a number of speakers for all participants, including human factors and updates from the regulators to include regulatory lessons identified and work to be conducted during the winter.

    Day two will be workshop-based, allowing Display Pilots, Flying Display Directors, Flying Control Committee members and Event Organisers to discuss and share experiences and issues that arose throughout the display season. There will also be a number of breakout sessions allowing attendees to meet with a broad range of the air display sector in order to learn, share lessons and assist in the maintenance of the safety of the sector. At the end of the symposium, each workshop will have the opportunity to share lessons or best practice with the wider Flying Display community and help inform and prepare for DS20 by highlighting lessons from DS19.

    All those involved in the planning, execution and flying at Flying Displays are encouraged to attend. Military personnel can apply through the MAA website, and civilian personnel can apply through the CAA website. Applications close on 25 October 2019.