• The following is a list of FDDs that have been accredited under the joint CAA/MAA FDD accreditation scheme. The list is not exhaustive and contains only the names of those whose consent has been received by the CAA for the purpose.

    The list will be update once a year following annual FDD accreditation. 

    Ground Based Flying Display Director List – 2019

    Name FDD Accreditation Tier Contact Details
    BACON George 2-Civ/MAA +Mentor baconga@hotmail.com
    BAILEY Clive 1-Civ/MAA info@baileyballoons.co.uk
    BARTON Bob 1-Civ/MAA bob.barton@shuttleworth.org
    BEATTIE John 2-Civ/MAA john@panxworth.com
    BEAVER Paul 1-Civ/MAA paul@beaverwestminster.com
    BRAITHWAITE Robin 1-Civ/MAA robinhbraithwaite@gmail.com
    BRINDLE Geoffrey 3-Civ/MAA +Mentor gcfbrindle@btinternet.com
    CADMAN Timothy 1-Civ/MAA timcadmanuk@aol.com
    CARVER Stephen 2-Civ/MAA      steve@eacarver.freeserve.co.uk
    COLLETT Michael 2-Civ mikeinverted@hotmail.com
    COUCH Maximillian 1-Civ maxcouch@ymail.com
    DANN Terence 2-Civ/MAA terry.dann@btopenworld.com
    DIXON Andrew 1-Civ andrewdixon@aol.com
    DUFF Graham 2-Civ/MAA grahamduff216@hotmail.com
    DUNLOP Deborah 3-Civ/MAA debs@yakdisplay.com
    FRICKER Glen 1-Civ glenfricker@yahoo.co.uk
    GALLACHER Ian 1-Civ/MAA irgallacher@hotmail.com
    GARSIDE-BEATTIE Les 3-Civ/MAA les@orbitperformance.com
    GRACE Richard 1-Civ richard.grace@hotmail.com
    GRAHAM Trevor 3-Civ/MAA slipstreamuk@aol.com
    GRIFFITHS David 1-Civ dgriffs@btinternet.com
    HAWTHORN Lawrence 2-Civ hawthornlawrence@gmail.com
    HIBBERT Chelvin 1-Civ/MAA chelvin@tiscali.co.uk
    HIGHAM Anthony 2-Civ/MAA tony.higham5@gmail.com
    HILL John 1-Civ jhill@capitalairservices.co.uk
    KIRBY David 3-Civ/MAA +Mentor 
    KARIVALO Perttu 3-Civ perttu.karivalo@nightsky.fi
    LOCKWOOD Alan 3-Civ/MAA alan.lockwood2@gmail.com
    LUDLOW Edward 1-Civ ed@wildcataerobatics.com
    METCALFE Roger 1-Civ/MAA rogermetcalfe@ymail.com
    MIDDLETON David 2-Civ/MAA midds674@live.com
    MILSOM Jeffrey 1-Civ jeffmilsom@hotmail.
    MILNE Paul 1-Mil Paulmilne2007@btinternet.com
    NEAL Barry 2-Civ/MAA barryneal@avsafe.co.uk
    PARKINSON Neil 1-Civ nwparkinson@btopenworld.com
    PEACOCK-EDWARDS Richard 3-Civ/MAA peacockedwards@hotmail.com
    PIERCE Hugh 2-Civ/MAA h_r_pierce@yahoo.co.uk
    PILLANS Richard 1-Civ/MAA richard.k.pillans@boeing.com
    ROBERTS Matt 1-Civ matt.roberts@btinternet.com
    ROUTSIS Tim 3-Civ/MAA + Mentor tim.routsis@shuttleworth.org
    SARGEANT Barry 1-Civ gom@bigginhillairport.com  

    3-Civ/MAA + Mentor

    SINCLAIR Peter 3-Civ/MAA +Mentor petersinclair@hotmail.com  
    SKIERA Charles 2-Civ/MAA charles@r5airdisplays.co.uk
    STANWAY Michael 3-Civ/MAA +Mentor airshows@horizon.aero
    STEELE Roger 

    3-Civ/MAA +Mentor

    TURNER John 

    3-Civ/MAA +Mentor

    TURNER Thomas 2-Civ/MAA tturner@iwm.org.uk
    WALTON David 3-Civ/MAA +Mentor david@tsaconsulting.co.uk
    WEBSTER Norman 3-Civ/MAA norm.webster@rafcte.com
    WILKINS Matthew 1-Civ matt.wilkins@oldbuck.com
    WILLSON Nigel  2-Civ nigel.willson@yakdisplay.com
    WINTERBOTTOM Phillip 2-Civ/MAA phil.winterbottom@live.co.uk
    WOOD Michael 

    3-Civ/MAA +Mentor

    YARD Edward 1-Civ/MAA edwardyard@hotmail.com