• The transition timetable to allow existing private pilot Registered Training Facilities to transfer to the new Declared Training Organisation (DTO) category, which allows much simpler oversight, has been announced by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

    Subject to final approval by the European Commission, the process will run from 8 April 2018 to 8 April 2019 and is part of EASA’s GA roadmap to make regulation of the sector more proportionate.

    If a school only offers training for private flying qualifications then the DTO category cuts down the requirements and uses a much simpler oversight regime, plus the possibility for a school to declare its activities meet the set standards rather than have to obtain a full approval.

    Details on the declaration procedure, the responsibilities of the organisation and ongoing oversight by the CAA are published in CAP 1637.

    Information on developing safety policies and risk / hazard identification and mitigation can be found in CAP 1059.

    A suggested template / format for the annual activity and internal reviews will be made available soon.

    All training organisations should be aware of their responsibilities regarding the Mandatory Occurrence Reporting System which became law in 2014.

    Organisations cannot submit a declaration before 8 April 2018.  The declaration form and an application form for approval of a training programme will be made available on this page before that date.

    After 8 April 2018 the CAA is required to keep a publicly accessible list of all DTOs and approved programmes which will be published on this page.

    Please see our press release about the applicability date for the new DTO regulations.