• EASA have established a simple and proportionate rule set for balloons and have structured them into one document. This document is called the EASA Balloon Rule Book and it contains the rules for balloon air operations (Part-BOP), requirements for balloon flight crew licensing (Part-BFCL), continuing airworthiness (Part-ML) and initial airworthiness (CS-31GB, CS-31HB, CS-31TGB).  The edition containing these rules was published in September 2020 by the European Commission (Regulation (EU) 2018/395). We will retain this rule book as the UK Balloon Rule Book after Transition.

    All balloon operations on EASA Part-21 balloons, commercial or private are regulated by this rule book.  Therefore, all balloon pilots and operators need to be familiar with the new regulation and need to undertake whatever is required to fully comply with the rules.  (Note: Annex I balloons are covered under the provisions of the Air Navigation Order (ANO) 2016.)

    Commercial operations operators also need to submit Declarations to the CAA.  All balloon operators will need to comply with the requirements of Part-BAS with all commercial operators additionally needing to comply with the requirements of Part-ADD.

    Click here to find more information on our Guidance for Balloon Operators webpage .