• KEY NOTE: The below statement is only applicable if the UK remain a member of EASA post Britain’s exit from the European Union. If no deal for leaving the EU is agreed between the EU and the UK, the current Balloon rules for operating in the UK would remain and will not be replaced. 

    EASA have established a simple and proportionate rule set for balloons and to restructure them into one document. This document is called the EASA Balloon Rule Book and the ‘first chapter’ of the Balloon Rulebook, containing the rules for air operations with balloons was published in March 2018 by the European Commission (Regulation (EU) 2018/395 based on EASA Opinion (01/2016).

    This new rule set will come into force April 8th, 2019 for all EASA balloon operation. 

    All balloon operations on EASA balloons, commercial or private are regulated by this rule book. (Note: Annex I balloons are covered under the provisions of the Air Navigation Order (ANO) 2016.

    A parallel group of ballooning experts are currently working on Balloon FCL (including influencing medical requirements) and a further group have worked on training organisations.  The Balloon Regulation will therefore subsequently be amended to incorporate rules for Balloon FCL, but it is not expected to incorporate Balloon Airworthiness requirements, which are already established within Part-M / Part-ML.

    Balloon Rule Book (2018/395) encompasses all operations of balloons, including private ballooning.  Therefore, all balloon pilots and operators will need to become familiar with the new regulation and will need to undertake whatever is required to fully comply with the rules. 

    However, commercial operations operators will also need to submit Declarations with the CAA.  All balloon operators will need to comply with the requirements of Part-BAS with all commercial operators additionally needing to comply with the requirements of Part-ADD.

    EASA are also working on simpler and proportionate licensing rules for balloons. It is envisaged that these ‘second chapters’ of the rulebooks will be published by the Commission in 2020.

    What do balloon operators need to do now?  

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