• The CAA’s General Aviation Unit ran a series of roadshows across the UK in late March and April to discuss regulatory developments.

    The roadshows covered:

    • Implementation of Part-DTO (Declared Training Organisation),
    • Update on the efforts to reduce Airspace Infringements,
    • Implementation of Part-SPO (Special Operations)
    • Implementation of Part-ML and Combined Airworthiness Organisation

    Invitations were sent out to all Flying Schools (RTFs and ATOs), Continuing Airworthiness Maintenance Organisations and associated Maintenance Providers in the UK. This audience was     targeted in the belief that these organisations are best equipped to disseminate the information among the community at large.

    All presentations from the roadshow are available for download:

    If you have any questions about the proposed DTO requirements, current ATO requirements or the proposed Part-ML requirements please e-mail: ga@caa.co.uk

    If you have any questions about airspace infringements please e-mail: enquiries@airspacesafety.com

    If you have any questions about Part-SPO requirements please e-mail: SPOworkshop@caa.co.uk