• We are still expecting to deliver Q1 results (January – March 2020) in early May.  Between now and then we will keep Survey Customers fully posted on any relevant developments which will include steps that will be taken to adjust Q2-Q4 target samples.  

    If you have any specific queries, please do not hesitate in contacting us directly at PassengerSurveyDataRequest@caa.co.uk.  


    This webpage provides notes and resources for customers who receive quarterly data outputs from the Passenger Survey. These outputs are agreed under contract before the start of each survey year. 

    If you would like to know more about these outputs please email us at PassengerSurveyDataRequest@caa.co.uk

    Current release

    • The current release is January – December 2019. 
    • This is a final release.
    • The next release is January – March 2020 (Provisional) which is scheduled for May 2020.

    Output contents

    You output will include

    • Your contracted data output which may include any of the following
    • Documentation – This includes a dictionary to help Users understand the data. It also includes information on recent changes to the structure of either the Primary or Secondary dataset.
    • Lookup – This is a set of reference material that can be used to decode the data (principally in the Primary data table).

    Caution and disclaimer

    1. It should be noted that all data releases prior to the Final clean release remain Final until the final release has been made.
    2. Subsequent quarterly releases may contain amendments to earlier quarter. For instance, the Q3 issue may contain revisions to earlier Q1 & Q2 figures.
    3. Survey information is derived from systematic random interviews of departing air passengers.
    4. Weighting statistics are based on CAA’s Airport statistical database. The information contained in this report has been compiled from various sources of data. CAA validates this data, however, no warranty is given as to its accuracy, integrity or reliability.
    5. Matching rates are derived from the Survey weights and the monthly Airport Passenger Statistic reported by the airports. In a small number of instances the reporting of scheduled and charter passengers by these airports may differ from the information captured in the passenger survey results.
    6. From 2019 the weighting process no longer migrates populations across quarters. To indicate populations not sampled we have included “dummy” records. These records do not represent any interviews and are present to balance the dataset to the Airport ATM figures. They can be disregarded when analysing passenger profiles.
    7. Customers should satisfy themselves of the integrity of this data prior to proceeding with any subsequent data interrogation. 
    8. CAA will assist in the checking of key statistics where possible. 
    9. CAA will not and cannot accept any liability for any financial loss caused by the person’s reliance on survey statistics.
    10. CAA insists that they are referenced in any publication that makes reference to CAA Statistics.
    11. No data may be sold onto any third party.

    2020 Final Weights

    Survey Airport Traffic Figures Survey Weights Matching Rate Survey Records
    BFS 6,274,338 6,078,412 96.9% 4,761
    BHD 2,448,775 2,446,029 99.9% 2,480
    BHX 12,631,251 11,991,254 94.9% 10,779
    BRS 8,937,684 8,116,920 90.8% 6,855
    CWL 1,650,706 1,568,926 95.0% 5,027
    EMA 4,651,069 4,542,910 97.7% 6,064
    INV 937,265 928,870 99.1% 3,614
    LCY 5,110,865 5,089,798 99.6% 5,548
    LGW 46,429,608 45,068,450 97.1% 32,321
    LHR 80,820,245 80,519,333 99.6% 57,410
    LTN 18,207,749 17,879,470 98.2% 11,229
    MAN 29,274,798 26,779,725 91.5% 28,232
    SEN 2,026,673 1,871,107 92.3% 2,430
    STN 28,106,662 27,478,906 97.8% 27,054


    2019 Final Response Rates

    Survey Airport Positive Negative
    BFS 4,559 316
    BHD 2,445 198
    BHX 10,433 1,846
    BRS 6,468 1,895
    CWL 4,957 779
    EMA 5,971 847
    INV 3,679 61
    LCY 5,514 1,090
    LGW 31,893 4,397
    LHR 57,563 14,774
    LTN 11,075 2,184
    MAN 27,074 3,954
    SEN 2,351 401
    STN 26,931 5,299