• We publish a range of UK Aviation reports including:

    • UK Airport Statistics -  Covering aircraft, passenger and cargo traffic data at some 60 UK airports.
    • UK Airline Data - Covering airline activities, worldwide flights, capacity, load and fleet information for a number of UK airlines
    • UK Flight punctuality data – Covering on-time performance at 26 UK airports

    Queries about data

    If you have feedback on our published data please contact Aviation.Intelligence@caa.co.uk. You will receive an automated reply confirming that we have received your comments.

    We review every comment that we receive and, if significant issues are found with our published data, reports will be amended and re-published which will be shown with a footnote on the download page for that report. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to respond to every email received.

    Bespoke reports

    If you are interested in acquiring a bespoke set of Airport or Punctuality data, please view our Data charges page for more information. Airline statistics are available as monthly or annual publications or you may commission reports, within certain confidentiality constraints, to suit your particular needs.