• The AvStats user guide explains how to use the system and submit data.

    You will need to use the new AvStats templates when you make a data submission.

    There are guidance notes for each form that explain;

    • the data that needs to be input in each column
    • how the data should be formatted/presented

    When submitting data there are a number of mandatory fields and these have been highlighted on the templates provided.

    Fields requiring prescribed values are case sensitive - in the template, headings show the permitted values parenthesised and in the appropriate case.

    You can submit data in one of three file formats; CSV, XLSX or (for certain forms) XLM.

    The time required to process your data will vary depending on submission size and could take up to one hour.

    The AvStats system will time out if there has been no activity after two hours.

    Make sure you download the latest valid reporting codes using the links below.

    Please be aware that the ICAO and IATA codes in our reference lists may not always correspond to those published in other sources. It is important that you use the codes published on this website as they will be the ones that AvStats will accept.

    For Airline Quarterly Hours And Flights Suppliers please remember that the field “Aircraft Code Type (ICAO)” (Column D) should just contain the text “ICAO” and not the aircraft code itself.

    Please see our guidance notes for more information.

  • Aircraft registrations

    Aircraft registration is a mandatory field and the system will require a response for this field to enable an initial load and system verification.

    If no code exists in your own records then please enter any registration that matches the aircraft type and operator being reported.

    Please do not use generic “XXX” codes.

    AvStats uses a lookup to the UK register which checks that the registration matches the aircraft type being reported and is owned by the Operator shown. We will be in touch once a permanent solution has been found.

    Please report a terminal building how it is known at the airport.

    LGW have the North Terminal and South Terminal. For anything else please report as 1.

    For example, Sumburgh Airport, with ONE terminal would be recorded as Terminal = 1.

    Please see our reference material on: (CSV download)

    These files were last updated 04 October 2021 and are scheduled to be refreshed again at the beginning of November.

    Aircraft registrations

    UK registrations can be found on the G-INFO section of our website. Foreign registrations can be found from external sources.

    AvStats requires aircraft registrations to be reported to the international standard which includes hyphens where present on the side of the aircraft (more information can be found in the webinar).

    No reporting code available

    If you can't find a code for the Airport/Airline/Aircraft you're referencing, email us at AvStatsSupplierEnquiry@caa.co.uk and tell us which code is missing.

    You should get a response within two working days, which will include any update we've made to the downloads.

  • Rejected data

    If your file is rejected with the reason “Invalid File Format” it is possible that the headings in your file have been changed.

    We’d recommend that you download a new template and paste your data into it without changing the header row.

  • Contact us

    If you still have queries around making a submission please contact AvStatsSupplierEnquiry@caa.co.uk.