• Drone registration

    Registration and remote pilot competency requirements will come into force in November 2019. All the details of the scheme will be published nearer the time of its introduction.

    General Permission – Small UAS greater than 7kg

    6 September 2018 – We have just issued a General Permission (ORS4 No. 1279) which corrects an unintended consequence within the 2018 amendment to the Air Navigation Order.  This reinstates the ability for small UAS (with a mass greater than 7kg) to be flown above 400ft within controlled airspace or aerodrome traffic zones if permitted to do so by ATC.

    FPV General Exemption reissued

    26 July 2018 - We have just issued a revised FPV General Exemption (ORS4 No. 1273) which replaces the previous one (ORS4 No. 1226) on Monday 30 July 2018. The main change is a reduction in the permitted maximum height from 1000 ft to 400 ft, to tie in with the Air Navigation (Amendment) Order 2018 which also takes effect on 30 July 2018.

    UK Government publishes consultation on drone legislation

    26 July 2018 - The Department for Transport has published a consultation containing 'policy proposals for safer use of drones plus powers to police for enforcement'. The consultation runs for just over seven weeks and closes at 23:45 on 17 September 2018.

    Air Navigation (Amendment) Order 2018

    July 2018 - We have published guidance for small unmanned aircraft users with an outline of the revised regulations as they now appear in law; to provide guidance on the effects of the changes; and how they will be interpreted by the CAA.

    EASA publishes Opinion on EU UAS Regulation

    February 2018 - EASA has just published its ‘Opinion’ (final draft) on the proposed EU UAS regulations, which follows on from the consultation that was conducted last year. 

    Drone safety risk 

    January 2018 - The CAA has published an assessment of the drone safety risk.

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