• Introduction

    This section lists and links the primary unmanned aircraft documents and application forms published by the CAA

    The CAA publications library

    Unmanned aircraft documents can be found in the publications section of our website.

  • SN-2020/001 Small Unmanned Aircraft - Water Ingress
    SN-2020/002 Small Unmanned Aircraft - Overflight of Uninvolved People
    SN-2020/010 Unmanned Aircraft - Responses to abnormal operations and in-flight failures

    CAP 722 Suite of Documents
    CAP 722 UAS Operations in UK Airspace - Guidance
    CAP 722A UAS Operations in UK Airspace - Operating Safety Cases
    CAP 722B UAS Operations in UK Airspace - The UK Recognised Assessment Entity
    CAP 722C UAS Operations in UK Airspace - UAS Airspace Restrictions Guidance and Policy
    CAP 722D UAS Operations in UK Airspace - Master Glossary and Abbreviations
    CAP 722E UAS Rotary Wing Swarm Operations - Visual Line of Sight - Requirements, Guidance and Policy
    CAP 722F Model Aircraft Operations Policy and Guidance


    CAP 1789A The EU UAS Implementing Regulation: Consolidated text
    CAP 1789B The EU UAS Delegated Regulation: Consolidated text 
    CAP 1915 Unmanned Aircraft Systems BVLOS Operations in Support of the COVID-19 Response - Requirements, Guidance and Policy 
    CAP 1974 Drone and Model Aircraft Registration and Education System (DMARES) Enforcement Guidance 
    CAP 2013 Air Navigation Order 2020 Amendment - Guidance for unmanned aircraft system users 

    CAP 2003 Flying for Fun
    CAP 2004 Flying as a hobby and at a club
    CAP 2005 Using a drone for work
    CAP 2006 Flying in the countryside
    CAP 2007 Flying in towns and cities
    CAP 2008 Difference between the 'old' and 'new' regulations
    CAP 2012 Summary of Open category requirements

    CAP 1827 Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in unsegregated airspace: Sandbox brief
    CAP 1868 A Unified Approach to the Introduction of UAS Traffic Management

    ORS4 1233 Small Unmanned Aircraft - Emergency Services Operations
    ORS4 1449 Unmanned Aircraft - Amendments to UAS operator 'standard permissions' issued prior to 31 December 2020
    ORS5 376 CAA Scheme of Charges (General Aviation)

    SRG1307 Model Aircraft Exemptions - Application - Over 25 kg
    SRG1320 Application for Exemption or Permission for Operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) In UK Airspace
    SRG1321 Application for Operation of an Unmanned Aircraft (UA) over 20kg in UK Airspace
    SRG1322 Application for the Recognised Assessment Entity status (Small Unmanned Aircraft)