• EC is an umbrella term for technologies that can help airspace users and air traffic services to be more aware of aircraft operating in the surrounding airspace. The full adoption of EC technologies means that all users operating in a designated block of airspace can be detected electronically.  

    Manned and unmanned aircraft have equal rights to use UK airspace. UA are expected to co-exist with manned aircraft, and EC is seen as the means for all aircraft to be able to identify and respond to one another. EC can help to reduce the number of mid-air collisions  by increasing the situational awareness of pilots and remote pilots.

    The development of EC solutions for UAS will be an evolutionary process and may take several years for individual EC technologies to reach maturity. EC solutions refer to devices, systems, and infrastructure that bring these technologies together to market and ensure that they are interoperable.

    Further guidance on electronic conspicuity can be found in  CAP722 under the engineering and technical guidance section.

    Further guidance on the EC devices can be found on our wider EC pages