• The UK Space Regulation team has been built in the CAA alongside the development of a scalable target operating model which implements the Space Industry Regulations 2021 – the modern and innovative new legislation enabling exciting new space activities to operate from within the UK.  The experience of the existing satellite licencing team from the UK Space Agency has also joined the CAA to provide consistency and their highly respected and globally recognised expertise to the new regulator.

    The multi-disciplinary team contains a wide range of experiences, including outcome focused regulation across hazardous sectors, space and aerospace engineering specialists, environment experts and regulatory officers.  The team is also supported by many other areas in the CAA (such as Airspace change) which are directly relevant to ensuring safe operation of space activities.

    The team will support the regulated part of the space sector with engagement ahead of formal licencing applications, assess and issue applications from a legal, technical and policy perspective and then monitor and oversee operators to ensure they are meeting their legal obligations in relation to safety.  The key regulated elements include launch operators, spaceport operators, range operators and satellite/in orbit operators.

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