• The CAA Spaceflight Team also forms an integral part of the Government’s wider ambitions to establish vertical and horizontal small satellite launch from UK spaceports.

    The Government’s Spaceflight Programme, LaunchUK, brings together the Civil Aviation Authority, UK Space Agency, Department for Transport and Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, with support from the Health & Safety Executive.

    LaunchUK is putting in place a new regulatory framework to ensure a safe operating environment with the right tools to stimulate growth in the market and working with international partners to ensure spaceflight will thrive in the UK. The Civil Aviation Authority’s strong regulatory experience is a key part in ensuring the LaunchUK objectives are met.

    Once the secondary legislation to implement the Space Industry Act 2018 is in force, the Act will regulate the following activities carried out from the UK or in UK airspace:

    • launch (orbital or sub-orbital) and return operators
    • the procurement of a UK launch (orbital or sub-orbital)
    • the operation of a satellite in orbit
    • the operation of a spaceport
    • the provision of range control services

    Read more about LaunchUK on Gov.uk.