• Licences under the Space Industry Act 2018 (SIA)

    The CAA is responsible for the charging of fees for orbital licenses issued wholly under the SIA. 

    Queries in relation to invoices raised by the CAA should always be sent to Credit.Control@caa.co.uk

    Licences under both the SIA and Outer Space Act 1986 (OSA)

    The UK Space Agency (UKSA) is responsible for the charging of fees for licences issued wholly under the OSA. It is also responsible for the charging of the ‘bundled licence’ fee for licences issued across both the OSA and the SIA, whereby a single fee applies across both Acts (rather than operators being issued and charged for two licences under the two Acts). 

    Subject to meeting the relevant criteria, constellation operators may be eligible for lower fees through the refund scheme set up on 1st April 2021. Applicants shall apply for licences via the CAA, under which SIA charging responsibility lies with the CAA, and OSA charging responsibility remains with the UKSA. Further details on eligibility for the scheme can be found at Guidance on Satellite Licence Fees.

    For licence applications whereby the charging of fees is the responsibility of the UKSA, the CAA will co-ordinate the charging process on behalf of the applicant. 

    Queries related to invoices raised by the UKSA or refunds issued under the OSA or jointly under the OSA and the SIA should be directed to finance@ukspaceagency.gov.uk . For any other enquiries, please visit the CAA Charging site.

    Any further enquiries on the charging of fees under the SIA or the OSA should be directed to Approval.Charges@caa.co.uk