• To verify that the necessary measures have been taken to secure public safety we will carry out monitoring and oversight activities, including inspections, for the duration of your licence. 

    All licences may be subject to licence conditions and all licences will include a plan which sets out monitoring and oversight activities. 

    We will carry out periodic reviews to ensure compliance with: 

    • The regulations and the Act
    • The national security of the UK
    • Performance standards specified in the licence application (safety case/risk assessment/security programme/AEE/Training Manual) 
    • The UK’s international obligations 
    • Any licence conditions 

    The frequency of this activity will depend upon the complexity and the performance of the licence holder, including risk management. We may also carry out reactive monitoring and oversight in response to an occurrence report or complaint.

    In addition, we will also carry out mission specific monitoring and oversight. This will include checks, reviews, and inspections during mission preparation, launch and post launch activities. These activities are likely to include multi licence holder inspections and the level of scrutiny will be proportionate to the level of risk and the performance of the licence holders. 

    As an operator you have an ongoing responsibility to provide information to us about any material change which impacts on your activities including; any notifiable events, changes to other information set out in your licence conditions, any legal requirements or directions from us. We will review this information and undertake any related monitoring and oversight activities or action we deem necessary