• Space Industry Act 2018

    Before applying for any licence under the Space Industry Act, we strongly recommend you familiarise yourself with the regulations and guidance relevant to your proposed activities.

    Details of the application process for all licences that can be issued under the Space Industry Act and an explanation of how the regulator will review any application is set out here: Applying for a licence under the Space Industry Act 2018

    The Regulator’s Licensing Rules detail the requirements of what information must be attached to each licence type
    Some additional guidance which is relevant following the grant of a licence under the Space Industry Act is set out here

    Outer Space Act 1986

    Orbital operations may fall under either the Space Industry Act or the Outer Space Act. While the intention is to align the regulatory approach to these two activities as much as possible, particular guidance for applying under the Outer Space Act is set out in Guidance for orbital operator licence applicants and licensees.

    If you are unsure whether your activities fall under the SIA or OSA, we recommend you contact us in advance of submitting your application.


    Under Schedule 10 of the Space Industry Act, a person or organisation may seek to make an appeal against a decision made in regard to licensing under the Space Industry Act 2018 and the Outer Space Act 1986. 
    Information on how appeals can be made and are processed is set out in the following guidance on appealing decisions made under the SIA 2018 and OSA.