• The Industry Resilience Group (IRG) is a collaboration between airports, airlines, air traffic control and regulators.

    In 2018 the IRG was formed to ensure the activities and changes identified by the Voluntary Industry Resilience Group (VIRG) in its report to industry are delivered. The output will support a systemised approach to the way in which the UK’s aviation network is planned and operated to enhance its day to day operating resilience, reduce delays and the associated costs to both industry and passengers.

    - Its members are taken from airlines, airports, air traffic control and regulators.

    - Its work is overseen by the Operations Directors Liaison Group (ODLG), co-chaired by the CAA and an industry representative.

    Outputs from the IRG’s work will be published to this website

    IRG reports

    The IRG and ODLG are due to publish the following reports soon:

    • ODLG Terms of Reference
    • IRG Terms of Reference

    Previous reports

    The IRG and ODLG build on previous reports and recommendations on resilience: