• General requirements for EASA licences

    The requirements in this section apply to all EASA licences, ratings and certificates. If you are interested in the requirements for a non-EASA licence, please refer to the national licences pages. You will find additional specific requirements for the licence type you are applying for on the CPL, MPL or ATPL pages.

    The information in this section is based on the information published in the European regulation document Part FCL, and incorporates any acceptable means of compliance, UK alternative means of compliance, guidance material and derogations.

    For most applications, you must provide proof that your language abilities meet ICAO requirements. For UK issued licences, this means you must demonstrate proficiency in English. For more information, see  Language Proficiency

    Carrying licence documentation

    When flying, pilots must carry:

    • their valid licence and valid medical certificate
    • personal identification documents including a photo

    Pilots and students must be able to show their flight time record when asked to do so by a competent authority.