• If you are the holder of a current and valid licence, rating and medical, you may exercise the private privileges of your ICAO licence/certificate in UK if you have declared to us and your licence has been verified directly by the issuing Authority airspace until you need to convert to a European licence.

    Here the airspace of the States of Alderney, Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man, whilst Crown Dependencies, are excluded from the area considered UK airspace.

    Private privileges here mean that the pilot cannot be remunerated or do aerial work for example.

    As an ICAO licence holder, your privileges on G-registered aircraft are restricted to day VFR regardless of the medical held, as stated in ORS4 no.1228.

    Due to the BASA negotiations, the terms offered vary depending on whether your licence/certificate is issued by the FAA or another 3rd country ICAO country.
    FAA Certificate holders in current flying practise with a valid IR flying N-registered aircraft may continue to exercise IFR privileges in UK Airspace. 

    Your licence will either need to be validated (short term) or be converted into a European licence under the Part-FCL regulations if you wish to:

    • exercise more than private privileges
    • do a specific activity such as aerial photography
    • fly complex powered aircraft which fall under Part-NCC
    • ferry an aircraft under IFR
    • any other specialist activity

    Please ensure that you read the important information contained in the information below: