• This page contains guidance on how to apply for a multi-engine aeroplane (MEP) type class rating using a paper application form and provides access to all the forms and other CAA materials you will need to make your application.

    You will also need to provide some documents of your own, including photographic ID and logbook pages recording your flying experience. Full details of what to include with your application are set out below.

    You can also apply for a MEP using our online application form.

    All our paper application forms are available for download and can be completed on a computer before being printed, signed and submitted to the CAA by post or secure courier. Alternatively, you can print the form first and complete in BLOCK CAPITALS using black or dark blue ink.

    Please note that sending a clear application form will enable us to issue licences and ratings more efficiently, with lower risk of errors or rejections with subsequent delays to your application.

    Application form

    To apply for a MEP, use form SRG 1119A.

    What to include with your form

    As well as your completed application form, you will need to send us the following documentation:

    Additional documentation

    You will need to send us additional documents if you are applying on the basis of:

    Depending on the details of your application, you may also need to send us:

    How to get copies of your documents certified

    How to submit your application

    Please send your completed application form and supporting documentation to the following address:

    Licensing and Training Standards
    Licensing Department
    Aviation House
    Gatwick Airport South
    West Sussex RH6 0YR

    Secure courier

    The CAA strongly recommends you use our secure courier service to have your documents returned to you. More information about our secure courier service.

    Additional documentation

    If you are applying on the basis of

    you will need to send us additional documentation along with your application. Please see the Guidance on documentation section.

    Compulsory conversion to EASA licence

    If you have not already converted your pilot licence to an EASA licence, then applying for a rating to be issued onto it will mean that your licence will be compulsorily converted to an EASA licence and a conversion fee will be charged. These fees are set out in the

    More information about converting to an EASA licence

    Guidance for examiners

    • Procedures for Examiners Holding Part-FCL Certificates Issued by Countries Other than the UK ( IN 2015/050)
    • Designation of UK Examiners for Skill Tests for Initial Issue of Licences, Ratings and Certificates (IN 2014/110)