• You will need to send us a completed application form and supporting documents in order to apply for a CPL (H).

    Application form

    To apply for a CPL (H), application form SRG 1183 H is required.

    You can fill in the form on your computer and then print it, sign it and send it to the CAA by post or secure courier.

    You can also print the blank form and fill it in by hand in capital letters using black ink. Your completed form must be easy to read. If it isn’t, your application may be delayed.

    What to include with your form

    As well as your completed application form, you will need to send us the following documentation:

    • Proof of identity: certified copy of 1 of either:
      • passport
      • Full EU photographic driving licence (we are unable to accept provisional driving licences)
      • EU identity card
    • Certified copy of your Class 1 EASA Part-MED medical certificate
    • Your original logbook(s) or certified copies of all relevant pages
    • Certified copy of your existing licence including the certificate of revalidation page
    • Examiner's skill test report form (form SRG 2197)

    See our guidance on how to apply for an instrument rating for helicopters (IR(H))

    Depending on the details of your application, you may also need to send us:

    • If you are applying for a class rating different to aircraft used for the CPL (H) skill test, you will also need to send a completed form SRG 1173
    • If you completed your theoretical knowledge examinations outside the UK, you must send a certified copy of your examination results

    How to get copies of your documents certified

    How to submit your application

    Please send your completed application form and supporting documentation to the following address:

    Shared Service Centre
    Licensing and Assessment  
    Aviation House
    Beehive Ring Road
    West Sussex
    RH6 0YR

    Secure courier

    The CAA strongly recommends you use our secure courier service to have your documents returned to you. More information about our secure courier service

    Additional documentation

    If you are applying on the basis of

    you will need to send us additional documentation along with your application. Please see the Guidance on documentation section.