• To apply for a licence, you will need to hold a current, valid, EASA Part-MED medical certificate of the appropriate class for the licence you are applying for.

    Also read detailed medical requirements for pilot licences or apply for a medical certificate.

    A quick reference for which class of certificate you need for a given licence is set out in the following table:

    Licence Certificate level
    LAPL LAPL medical certificate
    PPL Class 2
    PPL with instrument rating As for PPL but you will need to take the tone audiometry examination to the same requirements and frequency as for a class 1 medical
    SPL (private flights) Class 2
    BPL (private flights) Class 2
    SPL (commercial flights) Class 2
    BPL (commercial flights) Class 2
    CPL Class 1
    MPL Class 1
    ATPL Class 1