• At the end of a course of training, you will be issued with a course completion certificate (CCC) by your approved training organisation (ATO).

    If your application is for more than one licensing component and you trained for each component separately, you will need to include a CCC for each course of training you have completed.

    For instance, if you have completed training for a CPL in one course and the training for an instrument rating in a different course, and you are applying for the CPL and the instrument rating as one application, you must include a separate CCC for each course.

    There are several types of CCC, depending what training you have completed. Your ATO will issue you with the appropriate CCC.

    If you have completed your course with a school that is not approved by the UK CAA, you will need to supply a copy of the school / ATO certificate.

    Base training / take offs and landings

    If you have completed the base training requirements you will need to supply a fully completed certificate of landing completion or SRG 1112 together with a copy of the ATO approval, TRI licence and medical.