The conviction of a paramotor pilot this summer created more headlines than usual.

Tim Dunham was fined £600 with £400 costs after flying too low over Stonehenge in Wiltshire.

He pleaded guilty to flying under 1,000 ft over visitors at the world-famous monument and for flying below 500ft above the stones themselves.

I prosecuted this case at Swindon magistrates court on August 21st and thought it presented an opportunity to remind paramotor and paraglider operators of their responsibility to make sure they fly safely.

While the majority do, some don't and, as this case shows, the CAA will prosecute where minimum safety requirements are compromised.

Given the freedom paramotors and paragliders have - no pilot licensing, aircraft registration or airworthiness tests are required - it is a relatively easy way to take to the skies.

But open access to flying carries with it the responsibility to fly safely.

Paramotoring and paragliding are becoming more popular as technology improves and prices fall. There's plenty of advice to help everyone enjoy it safely. A good starting point? The British Hang-gliding and Paragliding Association:


James one year ago / Reply

Good outcome. Everyone should be held to the same high levels of safety that is demanded.

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