We are always looking to improve the way that information is presented to industry. So now instead of a lengthy PDF document, we are publishing our mandatory occurrence reporting (MOR) guidance as a series of webpages. We have retained the name CAP382 and all the relevant pages come under this banner so there is no need to rewrite your documentation. CAP382 is the link between you and the European Occurrence Reporting Regulations. Where possible, we refer to the new European Regulations and Guidance Material as well as offering our own guidance. 

Using the reporting portal

We have provided guidance to try and help you through the process while ensuring that we get the detail we need to handle your reports. The reporting portal is subject to continuous improvement and the developers are eager to hear your issues. As the portal is an European system, the UK CAA is unable to directly respond to your problems. Please use the links on the page to contact the relevant teams.

In response to some early questions on Implementing Regulation (IR) 2015/1018 we have added a page with our interpretation of subjects that you have asked about.  

Please contact us with your questions on IR 2015/1018. We'll review them and post the answers to your questions on our website to ensure you have the clarification. In turn, this should help us ensure that we have the detail we need to process and analyse your MORs.

Across Europe, several States are having difficulty handling the ECCAIRS-compliant format the regulation mandates. We have developed a system which allows us to handle these new formats but, in order for us to get the most out of the automation ECCAIRS provides, we need to finalise the details of the format and the processes. This work is due to be tested in the first quarter of 2017. As soon as the testing is finished we will be pushing ahead with industry and your SMS software providers to accelerate compliance as soon as possible.

We know that initially the new CAP 382 doesn't answer all of the questions you may have surrounding this aspect of the regulation. If you have any further questions about the MOR process and reporting requirements please post them on this blog or email them to Safety.Intelligence@caa.co.uk.


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