Rachel Gardner-Poole
Rachel Gardner-Poole

As the UK's specialist aviation regulator we passionately believe in making aviation better for those who choose to fly and those who do not. To achieve that, we must ensure we remain relevant in the face of a changing world. That's why we have a change programme.

It covers the following main areas:

  • Equipping our colleagues to deliver - investing in our people through recruitment, training and structured career development opportunities and providing them with better tools to do their job.

  • Better application of information and intelligence - so our decisions are as well-informed and evidenced as they can be.

  • Funding the future - ensuring we have a stable financial footing in the context of increasing demands and reducing income, by finding ways to work more efficiently and effectively.

  • International - bringing all our work across the globe together so we are better placed to enhance worldwide aviation standards, and moving towards a position where the income from our international commercial activities is reinvested in improving aviation overseas rather than subsidising our charges.

  • Service excellence - by reducing waiting times, improving customer experience and making services easier to access we'll become a better organisation to transact with.

  • Communication and engagement - making the CAA more accessible and responsive to our many stakeholders' needs.

At any one time we have a number of change projects going on to support these goals, many of which are part of our formal 'transformation programme'. Most recently, we have been gradually changing the way we do safety regulation by adopting a performance-based approach (we call it 'PBR'), brought many of our teams together into a single Shared Service Centre to improve efficiency and customer service, and renewed our website.

Looking forward, this transformation programme is set to deliver further improvements to the way we work. We are planning to improve our use of databases and collaborative technologies to help us manage information better. We are also looking to bring more of our services online. And we'll be taking steps to ensure a more effective, consistent and coordinated approach to how we engage with our stakeholders. Colleagues across the CAA are being supported by a team of transformation professionals to make these changes happen.

Our aim is that by 2020 we will be a CAA ambitious for what it can achieve, focusing on the things that matter most, clear and proportionate in our regulation, and with modern processes and systems. And we will contribute to a world where everyone who chooses to fly, as well as those who do not, has confidence in a safe and secure aviation sector that takes its responsibilities seriously.


Ian Cran 4 years ago / Reply

Plenty of emphasis on safety and staff development, but no mention of encouraging the UK aviation industry. I would have thought one of the key functions of the CAA was to get more people flying from British aerodromes in British airlines and aeroplanes with British crews. That applies not only to the public transport sector but also to general aviation.Best of luck with your change programme and we can only hope it goes better than the last one of about 15 years ago which was just a talking shop and was generally conceded to have achieved nothing. I am not hopeful.

Rachel GardnerPoole 4 years ago

Thank you for your comment. The focus of the transformation programme is on our regulatory methodology, customer service and internal systems and processes but you are right to say that economic growth (and therefore the encouragement of the industry) must also be important to us. This is explicitly set out in our recently launched strategic plan. The plan sets out the need for us to continue looking for opportunities to streamline our regulation or deregulate where this is consistent with our objectives and the need for us to play a part in creating the right conditions for innovation.While we have experienced a number of challenges along the way as you might expect, the programme has already delivered some significant changes; including ongoing progress towards a performance based approach to safety regulation, the creation of our Shared Service Centre and the new website. We're very conscious of the need to ensure that the programme delivers real progress and value for money.

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