Before you travel 

Is your booking ATOL protected?  The ATOL scheme means you won't lose money or be stranded abroad if your travel company goes out of business. 

Anyone who has booked an ATOL protected holiday should have received an 
ATOL certificate confirming their protection.

Check our database to see if your travel company is an ATOL holder. 

Our information for passengers also includes things to consider relating to travel insurance and selecting the type of cover you need.

What to pack - do's and don'ts

Lithium batteries represent a safety risk unless they are transported correctly. These batteries are used in the majority of portable electronic devices such as MP3 players, digital cameras, e-readers and computers.  

Lithium batteries that are not installed in equipment and carried separately are only permitted in carry on baggage.

  • Items with lithium batteries installed in the device are allowed in checked baggage , however, carriage in the cabin is recommended and power rating restrictions apply.

The following items must not be carried by passengers at all, either in checked luggage, carry on bags or on their person i.e. in pockets:

  • explosives, such as fireworks, flares, toy gun caps;
  • gases, such as culinary blowtorches, camping or gas cylinders, tear gas, mace or CS gas devices;
  • flammable materials such as petrol, lighter fuel, paint, thinners, non-safety matches, firelighters;
  • poisons, such as weed killers, insecticides;
  • corrosives, such as filled car batteries.  

However, items that can be carried by passengers include:

Christmas crackers  

These are permitted in carry on and checked baggage provided the original retail packaging is intact. However, you should check with your airline first as some have rules that specifically relate to crackers.  


These must be within carry-on baggage or on the person.  

Safety matches or a single lighter

One small packet of safety matches or a single lighter is permitted but must be carried on your person for the duration of the flight.    

Lighter refills are not permitted.   

Lighters form part of the passenger allowance permitted in the one litre capacity transparent bag and can either be placed inside the bag or screened separately. 

Lighters and matches must not be placed in checked baggage.

More information on rules relating to hand luggage and hold baggage.   

Special Assistance

If you require assistance travelling around the airport or boarding the aircraft, you are entitled to support from your airport and/or airline. Make sure you notify the airport/airline of the support you need at least 48 hours before you are due to travel. 

More information for passengers requiring assistance

Battery powered wheelchairs

These may be carried subject to certain safety conditions, including:

  • ensuring that the battery is securely attached to the wheelchair, 
  • protecting the battery from short circuiting,
  • ensuring that the wheelchair cannot become switched on during transport. 

Passengers wishing to travel with battery powered wheelchairs should in all cases contact their airline in good time ahead of the date of travel to ensure that their journey is trouble free.   

At the airport

Read our advice on Checking In and Security

Resolving travel related problems

Guidance on passenger rights relating to:

Flight delays and cancellations

Denied boarding, overbooking and downgrading

Lost or delayed baggage

Find out how to make an ATOL claim if your travel company goes out of business.

There is also information on making a complaint about an airline or airport and a check list of the details that you should include. 


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