• If you are offering your customers replacement holidays or replacing elements of their original holiday in exchange for ‘assigned claims’ please make sure these customers are asked to enter your bank details into the ‘Payment details’ page of our online claim form, rather than their own, to ensure we process the refund claim correctly.
    If you accepted an assignment, please provide us with a list of affected bookings so we can cross-refer this to your customers’ claims.

    If you do take assignment for a customer who originally paid by credit card, your customer will still need to submit a claim. They will receive a referral letter for the payments made by credit card to enable them to submit a claim to their card issuer for these amounts. Please note the credit card provider may only refund their customer, so you may need to make arrangements to recover these funds from your customer.

    Prior to taking an assigned claim you are advised to obtain your own legal advice and customer agreement.

    Why couldn’t Hays Travel take on the PTA ATOL bookings?

    Freedom Personal Travel Advisors were a separate ATOL holder. Bookings protected under Freedom Personal Travel Advisors trading as Future Travel Ltd ATOL 5704 should follow the advice on our website and therefore Hays are unable to take any action with bookings made through them.

    My customer is only claiming for the replacement costs, but has had deductions from the claim for the flight, and had an email advising them to go to their credit card for refund. Why is this?

    If the original booking was paid by credit card and the customer had not paid in full and is able to use the original flights.

    The consumer is entitled to claim up to the amount they originally paid for their ATOL protected package, minus the flight cost as they are utilising the flights. As they originally paid by credit card they will be referred to their credit card issuer for a refund under the agreement between the Air Travel Trust and the merchant acquirer of Future Travel Group.