• There are different types of ATOL licence depending on the type of business you operate.

    A summary of each ATOL licence can be found below, each has a link to further detail about the licence type and information on how to apply. The application process may be different dependent upon which ATOL your require.

    Standard ATOL Small Business ATOL (SBA)
    • No trading restrictions
    • Minimum £50K bond required on grant.
    • Personal fitness and competence test.
    • Need to meet financial criteria.
    • £1,968 application costs plus grant charges.

    More about the Standard ATOL

    • Restricted to 500 passengers and £1M licensable revenue per annum for minimum three years.
    • £50K bond required for grant.
    • People in control of business not involved in a failed licence holder.
    • Personal fitness and competence test.
    • Need to meet financial criteria.
    • £1,161 application costs.

    More about the Small Business ATOL (SBA)

    Franchise ATOL Accredited Bodies

    • Licence granted on the basis of membership of approved franchise customer protection scheme.
    • Personal fitness and competence test.
    • No ATOL bond.
    • No financial criteria test.
    • £740 application costs.

    More about the Franchise ATOL

    • Become a member of an Accredited Body
    • Trade under their licence.
    • You will be required to meet the Accredited Body's conditions of membership.

    More about accredited bodies

    Trade ATOL
    • Sales restricted to other ATOL holders only.
    • Personal fitness and competence test.
    • Financial criteria test.
    • £50K bond required on grant.
    • £1,968 application cost.

    More about the Trade ATOL

  • Withdrawing an application

    The CAA considers applications on a case by case basis, however it will generally deem an application withdrawn if an applicant has not actively pursued the application (e.g. by not providing information requested in writing by the CAA) within a reasonable period of time, or by going out of communication entirely for 2 months or more.

    An applicant can also request in writing that its application be considered as withdrawn.

    Where an application is withdrawn or deemed to be withdrawn, no refund will be due.

    If a business subsequently wishes to 're-activate' its application, a new application will need to be made, with the payment of a further application fee and the submission of a new application form and supporting documents.