• How do I apply to become a Franchisee?

    If you would like to become a Franchisee, please get in touch with us at accreditedbodies@caa.co.uk to arrange a discussion about the Franchisee application process.

    When e-mailing us, the subject heading must read 'Initial enquiry for Franchisee status'.

    The non-refundable fee to apply to become a franchisee is £10,414. A £5,207 renewal fee applies each year.

    What role will the CAA play in my application to become a Franchisee?

    A Franchisee enters into an agreement with the Air Travel Trust to provide certain services. On the basis of this agreement, the CAA can waive some of its normal requirements, such as a bond for example.

    What financial protecting mechanisms will I need to put in place to become a Franchisee?

    Current franchisees provide alternative financial protection so the CAA does not require the franchisees' members to provide bonds. Currently these consist of Trust Accounts, insurance policies and bonds. The CAA and the ATT would have to consider the level of protection and assurance provided by each potential franchisee before considering the size of ATOLs the CAA could grant to franchise members.

    How often will I be audited if I become a Franchisee?

    A Franchisee can expect to be audited every three years.