• What do the Accredited Bodies do?

    Accredited Bodies are ATOL holders who by being an Accredited Body, allow other businesses to trade under their licence. They have conditions of membership. They may also supply other services such as booking systems and facilities to accept card payments. If you wish to become a member of an Accredited Body in order to trade under their licence and access these services, you should speak directly to the Accredited Body or access their website to see if their terms of business suit your firm.

    If you would like to become an Accredited Body yourself, rather than become a member of an existing one, please see the ' Apply to become an accredited body' page.

    Who are the Accredited Bodies?

    The accredited bodies are:

    How do I become a Member of an Accredited Body?

    You should apply directly to the Accredited Body. If accepted, the Accredited Body will notify the CAA of your membership and your firm's name will subsequently appear in the ATOL search facility.

    Will I be able to issue ATOL Certificates?

    Yes, Accredited Bodies members can issue ATOL Certificates as ATOL holders are required to.

    Can I be an Accredited Body Member and an ATOL holder?

    No, ATOL holders are not allowed to be Accredited Body Members. This is set out in the terms of membership for Accredited Body Members in the Official Record Series 3.

    Guidance on applying to become an accredited body