• This page includes information for ATOL holders who have sold Monarch flights or holidays under their own ATOL. If you are a Monarch customer, please check the customer pages for more information.

    If you sold Monarch flights or holidays to your customers as agent with no other components, please refer to our Travel agents information. 

    Customers still abroad

    If your customer is still abroad and was due to return to the UK on a Monarch flight, you will need to make alternative arrangements for them.

    Customers yet to travel on forward bookings

    All future holidays and flights booked with Monarch are now cancelled.

    In respect of package holidays, ATOL holders who do not replace the components that are no longer available with an alternative should offer a substitute package holiday.  If that substitute package is not accepted by the customer, or if you are unable to offer a substitute package, the customer is entitled to cancel the contract and you must provide a full refund for the complete booking. In such circumstances, customers are entitled to make a claim for compensation from you. Such a claim may include the costs incurred by the consumer in replacing the components of the cancelled holiday, including alternative flights, to allow them to complete their holiday.

    If you sold a Monarch flight as part of a Flight-Plus arrangement, you must make suitable alternative arrangements, at no extra cost to the customer, for alternative flight accommodation. If it is impossible for you to make alternative arrangements, or the arrangements offered are not accepted by the consumer for good reasons, you must provide a full refund for the complete booking.

    For full details of the relevant Regulations, please see our website: Compliance and regulation.

    If you sold a Monarch flight or package (that were themselves protected under Monarch Group ATOLs) as part of a Flight-Plus arrangement and you have in place a valid agency agreement, you are entitled to make an ATT Contribution Claim towards the losses you incur in fulfilling your legal obligations to your customers. Further information on this will be published shortly. 

    Important: CAA instruction to agents holding pipeline monies

    The CAA has now instructed agents to pay pipeline monies to Monarch’s administrator, KPMG, which is collecting these monies on the Air Travel Trust’s behalf. You will receive a CAA letter from KPMG but please check the additional information on pipeline monies that is on this website. 

    Contact us

    If you need to contact us urgently, please use the contact information that was e-mailed to your ATOL Accountable Person on 2 October 2017. Please do not provide these contact details to your customers – all consumers are being advised to visit this website or contact our call centre.

    • Phoning from the UK (reduced rate): 0300 303 2800
    • Phoning from overseas:  +44 1753 330 330

    Call rates will vary, depending on network provider.

    What is an ATT Contribution Claim?

    This is a payment the ATT may make to Flight-Plus arranger ATOL holders to help them meet their statutory obligation costs following the insolvency of an ATOL holding flight supplier. These costs are usually for alternative flights or, if none are available, refunding the affected Flight-Plus arrangements.

    The ATT will only consider making an ATT Contribution payment to ATOL holders for ‘eligible bookings’. Eligible bookings are essentially those with a flight that would have qualified for ATOL Flight-Only protection had it been sold on its own and not as a component of a Flight-Plus. In the context of the Monarch Group ATOL Flight-Only protection applies only to UK originating flights booked on or before 14 December 2016 through either Avro (ATOL 1939) or First Aviation Ltd (ATOL 4888).

    Bookings are also only eligible if they were correctly sold to the consumer on a retail basis i.e. the business that sold the flights was acting as an agent for either Avro or First Aviation. Full details on how to sell in this way can be found in the ATOL Regulations but in simple terms the CAA needs to be satisfied that your business sold the flight under and in accordance with a compliant written agency agreement with either Avro or First Aviation.

    The full terms and conditions for ATT Contributions Claims can be found in Section 3 of the ATT Payment Policy.

  • Your claim cannot be processed until you have paid consumers' monies to the failed ATOL holder or paid ATT Pipeline monies held at the time of administration to KPMG. 

    Further details on ATT Pipeline Monies.

    Please note that pipeline monies are only due for on Avro bookings, not First Aviation bookings.

    You must complete the ATT Contribution Claim Form, accompanying excel document called the 'ATT Contribution Schedule' and provide us with all the requested information. This includes the booking reference for every relevant booking along with the Flight-Plus ATOL Certificates issued to your customers.

    We do not need your evidence of payment to First Aviation or Avro as we can refer to their booking records to verify that payment was made. However, if you were required to pay ATT Pipeline monies to KPMG we need evidence of this payment. We can accept either a bank statement, copy of both sides of the cheque or a letter from KPMG confirming receipt of your payment and the amount.

    You can claim for the payments your customers made for their ATOL protected Flight-Only booking and that you paid to the Monarch Group or to KPMG in administration. Please note that ATT Contribution Claims are subject to a deduction of £25 per passenger.

    The amount your business can claim during any financial year is subject to a cap - more details of this can be found in clause 3.4 of the ATT Payment Policy.